Pretoria man hitches ride on the back of a truck – while sat in shopping trolley!

Pretoria man hitches ride on the back of a truck – while sat in shopping trolley!

The latest nonsense to reach us from North Gauteng has been caught on camera, and many social media users are struggling to process what they are witnessing here. An intrepid traveller was caught hitching a ride on the N1 – by sitting in a shopping trolley and CLINGING to the back of an Engen lorry.

The scenes have drawn out a range of emotions from viewers, ranging from the highly amused to the genuinely horrified. The 12-second clip shows the perilous situation our speedy friend finds himself in. Exposed to the elements and the pouring rain, his four-wheeled metal cart somehow manages to stay the course.

  • Eish, maybe this is what we’ll all be doing in a few months time if petrol prices don’t come down?

Watch: Pretoria man in shopping trolley hitches a ride through Pretoria

Gauteng weather causing ‘hazardous driving conditions’

Our mystery hitch-hiker does take at least one sensible precaution, however: He’s got a big coat on, because even this bloke isn’t daft enough to try and brave the awful weather stalking Gauteng this weekend.

This latest version of a literal ‘trolley dash’ comes as Gauteng endures a lashing from the heavens. Weather warnings are in place for the whole province, with disruptive rains forecast right through until Monday evening.

At the best of times, we wouldn’t be able to recommend travelling in the same fashion as our unwitting viral star. But when it’s pissing it down for the best part of 24 hours, we really do need to stress that this is NOT something any of us should try at home… or on the N1, for that matter.

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