Pregnant mother forced to evacuate her home after thug shot-gunned it

Pregnant mother forced to evacuate her home after thug shot-gunned it

A young expectant woman is recovering after an alleged assassination attempt that prompted her to escape her home.Sophie Holmes, believed to be aged 28, is recovering after armed thugs blasted her front door in Bradford with a shotgun

Sophie Holmes, presumed to be 28 years old, has returned to the residence where, according to her neighbors, she was the victim of a hate campaign.

Neighbors in Cristopher Court, Idle, Bradford, had not seen her since January 11, when her upstairs window was shot out with a shotgun.

A guy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the house was shut off for a meticulous forensic investigation.

Ring doorbell camera saw a motorcyclist smashing Sophie’s front door with a sledgehammer as his disguised companion loaded and brandished a shotgun.

Sophie Holmes, said to be 28 years old, is recovering after armed assailants in Bradford shotgunned her front door.Two thugs were captured on footage from a doorbell while terrorising a street - full of families and young children - in Bradford, West Yorkshire

In Bradford, West Yorkshire, doorbell footage showed two attackers terrorizing a neighbourhood filled with families and little children.

The gunman opened fire as Sophie yelled from her bedroom window for the intruders to leave her alone.

It is believed that the young unmarried woman will give birth in July. The pellets are claimed to have struck the window, but according to the neighbors, Sophie evaded injury and is still pregnant.

Moreover, eyewitnesses reported that after the explosion, the man who had been attempting to break down the door began arguing with the shooter.

But residents disclosed that the cul-de-sac is in fear due to a strange vengeance against the pregnant woman, who is believed to live alone.

A helmeted man was captured on camera striking Sophie’s front door with a sledgehammer.

In a previous incident on June 2, while parked in the driveway, Sophie’s car was struck by another vehicle.

It was launched from the driveway and crashed into the front room of the adjacent terraced house, where the neighbor was preparing to hang birthday decorations for her daughter.

The living room was demolished, leaving the homeowner homeless for several weeks. Yesterday, a woman who refuses to provide her name stated:

“Three occurrences have occurred here. I was homeless for six weeks after a car drove through my bay window.

“I had just returned home when this occurred. I am still undetermined. It’s not often that a car crashes through your bay window, let alone a man brandishing a gun in front of your home.

It was my daughter’s birthday, and I sat in the living room at midnight, waiting for her to go to bed so I could hang the birthday banners.

Whoever slammed her car through the bay window had to pull it out afterwards. She was the intended target. Her vehicle had just been parked at the time.

It brought down my entire living room wall, forcing me to leave in my pajamas.

“I had only recently moved back in when I saw the man with the gun while looking out the windows.” She was yelling at him when there was a loud noise.

My initial instinct was, ‘Have they struck her?’

Footage showed a man in a helmet battering Sophie's front door with a sledgehammerWhen Sophie started yelling from her bedroom window for the men to leave her alone, the gunman opened fire

But I don’t believe they intended to harm her, as another man exclaimed to the gunman, “God, you haven’t hit her, have you?”

In a subsequent incident, another neighbor’s car was rammed, resulting in the destruction of the fence at the end of the street.

The gunman opened fire as Sophie yelled from her bedroom window for the intruders to leave her alone.

Locals say this is another in a series of odd attacks against Sophie, but no one knows why.

Another resident stated, ‘It is frightening. We must dwell in this area. If someone arrives to your home with a gun, you do not know what may occur.

Another neighbor remarked, “The entire street is deserted.” People are in hiding. They do not dare to emerge. They are only observing the situation and attempting to remain safe.

You can appreciate why individuals do not wish to go out. Sophie is in the early stages of her pregnancy, but thankfully the fetus does not appear to have been damaged.

A 29-year-old male from Bradford has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody at this time, according to the West Yorkshire Police.


»Pregnant mother forced to evacuate her home after thug shot-gunned it«

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