NYC bar goers boo Nazi-dressed man

NYC bar goers boo Nazi-dressed man

Over the Halloween weekend, patrons at a pub in New York City watched in terror as a man wearing a Nazi costume entered the place.

A recent viral video depicts the man wearing full Nazi garb, including an armband with the swastika.

He was instantly ejected from Fanelli Cafe, a well-liked bar in the posh SoHo district.

The initial tweeter of the video said, “A man just strolled into Fanelli Cafe in Soho dressed like a nazi.” “I don’t have words,”

Onlookers gasp in horror as the unnamed customer enters the pub while grinning.

One lady covers her face in shock while another man seated next to her glares at the man who is supposedly ordering a drink from the bar.

What’s wrong with you? another lady can be heard yelling at the man.

He gets a response from other customers who urge him to “get out of here” and “what the f**k was that?

While customers continue to reprimand the man in the Nazi costume for his apparel, he laughs and shrugs.

At one point in the video, the man answers, “F**k you buddy.”

You want to f— up, right? Someone yells, “Leave for your own safety,” as the man stands close to the bar’s entrance doors.

One customer was so angered by the situation that he got up from his table and moved away from the man, directing him to the door.

Fanelli Cafe responded to’s request for a comment on the incident by saying, “We have no comment at this moment.”

The 18-second video has caused widespread indignation on social media as Twitter users try to decipher the man’s possible mental condition.

Wow, consider a scenario in which the only way to have fun at this point is to deliberately offend everyone by doing something as heinous as possible.

In response, another user on Twitter posted an image with the caption, “Nazi lives don’t count.”

Why is he upset that he is being expelled? Another person said, “Like did he think he wouldn’t insult people with this outfit or anything.” Another user replied to the tweet by writing, “He’s there pushing limits.” He feels secure walking along the street in those attire. For him, individuals need to alter that.

It’s quite revolting to see things like these in 2022. People tend to assume it’s been a while, but I’m just in my second generation after the Holocaust, another person stated.

Thank goodness they removed him. If people continue to put up with that, it will only grow worse, a Twitter user said.

Since it was posted to the website late on Saturday night, the original article has gotten more than 87,000 likes.

Nearly 8,000 individuals merely retweeted the message, while more than 3,300 others quoted it while adding their own thoughts.

According to his Twitter account, the person who uploaded the video to the social networking platform self-identifies as homosexual and Jewish.

During the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party brutally persecuted both identity groups.

While the Nazis murdered more than six million Jews, the number of LGBT+ casualties is still an open question.

Following Saturday night’s game between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs, an antisemitic sign was posted on the outside of Jacksonville, Florida’s TIAA Bank Field.

After the game, a message with the words “Kanye is correct about the Jews” was flashed.

The teams who had played earlier in the day responded in unison to the antisemitic remark.

The universities issued a statement saying, “The University of Florida and the University of Georgia together condemn this and all acts of antisemitism and all kinds of bigotry and intolerance.”

We stand together against hatred because the Jewish communities at UGA and UF are vibrant and growing.

The Southeastern Conference, in which the teams compete, also reacted to the message of hatred.

The SEC said on Saturday night that it “denounces all kinds of bigotry and discrimination.”

Additionally, they denounced “additional antisemitic hate speech in Jacksonville on Saturday,” referring to a video in which the identical statement about Kanye West was projected onto other nearby buildings.

The phrase alludes to musician Kanye West’s recent antisemitic remarks, which led to the termination of his endorsement deals with GAP, Adidas, and Balenciaga, among others.

In a tweet from earlier this year, West expressed his desire to commit “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The funny thing is I truly can’t be anti-Semitic since black people are genuinely Jewish as well. You mans have been playing with me and trying to blackball everyone who opposes your plan, he said.

On Wednesday, when Piers Morgan questioned the rapper about the remark, the rapper said, “No. Absolutely not, not at all.

Later, he added this clarification: “I will say I’m sorry for the folks that I wounded. I regret using my platform—where you can say, “Harm people wounded others,” and I was pain—to bring hurt and uncertainty, as well as to the families of those who had nothing to do with the tragedy I had experienced.

»NYC bar goers boo Nazi-dressed man«

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