Pope Francis tells Catholic business leaders to invest in the common good

“He taught each one of us how to lead a decade, taking turns, and he used to tell us to mention our petitions out loud … and we used to walk to church on Sundays to get to Mass early,” she recalled.

“After Communion, he gave us all a hug and had us pray the Anima Christi … that was very beautiful and many people remember how he had us recite this prayer in thanksgiving after Communion.”

When a firm led by Shaw was sold to an American trust fund that decided to fire 1,200 people, Shaw strongly opposed the layoffs and proposed a recovery plan that was to retain all the workers.

He died of cancer the following year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 27, 1962.

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Pope Francis oversaw the diocesan phase of Shaw’s cause while he was serving as archbishop of the Argentine capital.

The pope praised Shaw in a 2015 interview with the Mexican television station Televisa.

He said: “Enrique Shaw was rich, yet saintly. A person can have money. God gives it to him so he can administer it well, and this man administered it well.”

Francis added that Shaw used his wealth “not with paternalism, but by fostering the growth of people who needed help.”

Pope Francis addressed his video message to the Christian Association of Business Leaders, who have organized a conference taking place from June 30 to July 1 to mark the centenary of Shaw’s birth.

“I cannot hide the joy I felt a short time ago in signing for the heroic virtue of Enrique Shaw,” the pope told the conference.

“I ask him to accompany you in this meeting, and that he may help you move forward.”

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