Pope Francis Expresses Support for Chinese Catholics, Highlights Solidarity with Suffering Believers

Pope Francis Expresses Support for Chinese Catholics, Highlights Solidarity with Suffering Believers

...By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

In a show of solidarity, Pope Francis extended his support to Catholics in China during his weekly audience.


Specifically acknowledging the pastors and faithful who endure hardships, the pontiff commemorated the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, an event established by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007.

Emphasizing his empathy, Pope Francis expressed his desire to share in the joys and hopes of the Chinese Catholic community.

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The Vatican served as the venue for the 86-year-old pope’s address, where he further conveyed his thoughts to those who suffer in China.

As the Communist Party of China maintains strict control over recognized religious institutions and oversees the vetting of sermons, Catholicism faces constraints within the country.

Despite these challenges, Pope Francis has been engaged in an ongoing effort to establish stronger ties with Beijing.

In 2018, the Holy See reached a two-year agreement with China on the contentious issue of bishop appointments.

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Renewed in October for another two years, the accord has sparked tensions due to the status of China’s estimated 10 million Catholics.

However, at the end of November, the Vatican expressed surprise and regret over the appointment of a bishop in a diocese unrecognized by the Holy See, a violation of the agreement.

The contents of the agreement have not been publicly disclosed, but its objective is to reunite Chinese Catholics who are divided between the official and underground churches.

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Additionally, it grants the pope the final authority in the appointment of bishops.

Through his support and solidarity, Pope Francis aims to provide consolation and encouragement to Chinese Catholics, both pastors and faithful, as they navigate challenges and seek solace within the universal Church.


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