Police Officer Faces Disciplinary Hearing for Breaching Covid Regulations, Contacting Prostitutes, and Sending Racist Text

Police Officer Faces Disciplinary Hearing for Breaching Covid Regulations, Contacting Prostitutes, and Sending Racist Text

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Gloucestershire Police Officer Faces Consequences for Breaching Regulations and Engaging in Offensive Behavior

The passage discusses the findings of a disciplinary hearing involving a police officer, Pc Christian Fereday, from Gloucestershire Police.


The hearing revealed multiple instances of misconduct, including breaching Covid-19 regulations, contacting prostitutes, and sending a racist WhatsApp message.

The officer had also accessed pornographic sites and used his work phone inappropriately.

The hearing concluded that the officer’s actions amounted to gross misconduct, resulting in his dismissal and placement on the barred list.

The misconduct hearing shed light on Pc Fereday’s inappropriate behavior. He had visited a beautician for wax treatments during the lockdowns and had even driven a police car to some of the appointments.

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Additionally, he contacted sex workers using his work phone, accessed pornographic sites while on duty, and sent a racist message in a group conversation.

The hearing revealed that Pc Fereday admitted to some of the allegations but disputed that they constituted misconduct or gross misconduct.


However, the disciplinary committee found the allegations proven, emphasizing the need to maintain public confidence and uphold the high standards of Gloucestershire Police.

Chief Constable Rod Hansen, who presided over the hearing, determined that Pc Fereday’s actions amounted to gross misconduct and that, if still serving, he would have been dismissed.

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Deputy Chief Constable Shaun West highlighted the importance of maintaining professional standards and ethics within the police force, stating that misconduct cases are taken seriously and will be addressed accordingly.

The information provided in the passage sheds light on the serious misconduct exhibited by Pc Fereday, which includes breaching regulations, engaging in offensive behavior, and misusing police resources.

The findings of the disciplinary hearing reinforce the commitment of the Gloucestershire Police to address misconduct and maintain public trust.

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The passage serves as a reminder of the need for accountability and upholding professional standards within law enforcement.

Overall, the passage presents a concerning account of the officer’s misconduct and the subsequent disciplinary hearing.

It highlights the various instances of wrongdoing and emphasizes the importance of addressing such behavior to maintain public confidence in the police force.


The actions taken against Pc Fereday underscore the commitment of the Gloucestershire Police to uphold high standards of conduct and professionalism.

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