Plus-size mannequin body shamed by Married at First Sight star, who claims it encourages “early death”

Plus-size mannequin body shamed by Married at First Sight star, who claims it encourages “early death”

Daniel Holmes of Married at First Sight has defended himself after being accused of fat shaming.

On Monday, the reality television celebrity posted a photo of a plus-size mannequin wearing activewear in a Nike store to Instagram.

He said in the image’s caption, “Those who claim this is empowering are simply insane.”

“It promotes premature death. That carries no weight.”

The personal trainer was swiftly criticized in the comments section, with many referring to his statements as “fat shaming.”

In a subsequent social media post, Holmes stated that he had received hundreds of direct messages in response to his remarks.

He said that his remarks were taken out of context.

After facing criticism, Daniel Holmes reaffirmed his statements.

In a video, he stated, “I’ve gone through all the weird DMs and gotten a summary of what people were saying.”

What are people expected to wear to the gym if they can’t encourage overweight activewear?

“Hey – attire? It is only the gym. It’s merely a collection of metal things that you may collect. You are not have to wear a specific brand of apparel to achieve it.”

“That’s not the issue; my concern is what happens when businesses start catering to unhealthy body shapes.”

Even though the measures for losing weight are “pretty straightforward,” he acknowledged with “compassion” that it is challenging.

Holmes stated that, as someone who has worked in the fitness sector for a decade, this is not a new topic of discussion for him, adding that there are “two forms of fat” seen in humans, one of which develops inside.

According to him, being obese is “very harmful” since it may negatively affect your organs, heart, and joints.

Holmes noted that businesses pushing “unhealthy” body shapes for financial gain irritated him. has reached out to a representative of Holmes for comment.

Many were offended by his remarks, with several advising him to “get a grip” before passing judgment.

“I absolutely would not sign up for you to be my PT partner. “Get your bearings,” someone advised.

Holmes stated that the issue is brands encouraging “unhealthy” body forms for financial gain.

“As a personal trainer, you should strive to motivate your customers to live a healthy lifestyle and overcome stereotypes about the ideal body type.”

“I hope you reconsider your stance since, at your workplace, you see individuals striving to improve themselves every day, and your stance that these businesses shouldn’t provide their products to plus-size people is absurd.”

“There are so many things that contribute to individuals being overweight and wanting to become healthy that I believe you need to return to the books and study with an open mind before commenting on this nonsense again! Again, this was done only for your five seconds of glory, buddy!”

Another commented, “You are incorrect in your assertions. I can say this because I have seen it myself, and if you don’t even have decent things to wear, it’s still another impediment to starting a healthy lifestyle.”

Another individual stated that they were smaller before to being diagnosed with cancer, but had now gained weight as a result of their treatment.

The social media user stated that Holmes should refrain from pronouncing judgment on others because he is unaware of their life experiences.


»Plus-size mannequin body shamed by Married at First Sight star, who claims it encourages “early death”«

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