Plumber who stabbed Deliveroo driver was ‘not prepared to leave issues rest,’ court hears

Today, a court heard that a Deliveroo driver was viciously stabbed to death in a road rage assault by a plumber who was “just unable to let issues rest.”

Appearing today at the Old Bailey, the court heard that the two men were not known to one another, and had come into conflict whilst driving in North LondonAlleged attacker, Nathan Smith, 28, (pictured) fled to Austria the next day and continued his run across Europe for 17 months - hiding as a fugitive in Switzerland and Portugal, jurors were toldPlumber who stabbed Deliveroo driver was ‘not prepared to leave issues rest,’ court hears

The Old Bailey heard that chef and part-time delivery driver Takieddine Boudhane, 30, died at the site of the encounter in Finsbury Park, north London, on January 3, 2020.


The court heard today at the Old Bailey that the two men were strangers who had gotten into an altercation while driving in North London.


Julian Evans QC said in his opening statement that Mr. Boudhane, 30, was on a scooter and Smith was in a VW caddy vehicle when they both stopped at traffic signals in north London.


The jury was heard that both vehicles turned right into Lennox Road when something agitated Mr. Boudhane, who was driving beside the van.


Mr. Evans said that it seemed from the CCTV tape that the guys exchanged words and that the interaction was “not nice.”


Moments afterwards, Smith halted on Charteris Road, close to where Mr. Boudhane and another moped rider had parked.


Abdallah Cherfi, another delivery driver, recognized Takieddine and stopped beside him. Evans continued: ‘As Takieddine off his motorcycle, Smith exited his vehicle.


CCTV footage reveals that he acted violently.



He quickly reached Takieddine.


‘Although no weapon is seen on the CCTV footage, the prosecution contends that Smith came from the vehicle with a knife.


Although no weapon is seen on the CCTV footage, the prosecution believes Smith exited from the vehicle with a knife.


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Although no weapon is seen on the CCTV footage, the prosecution believes Smith exited from the vehicle with a knife.


According to Cherfi, Takieddine had a screwdriver in his hand.


Both guys started to press forward before retreating.


The court was then informed that Smith ‘went on the offensive’ when the moped driver flung out his crash helmet to repel him.


Even after the incident looked to be over, Smith was “just unable to let things rest there,” according to Mr. Evans.


He told the jury, “When you analyze and study the sequence of events shown on CCTV, it is clear that Mr. Smith’s actions had nothing to do with self-defense.”


Rather, it indicates that he was the aggressor. He repeatedly charged Takieddine with a knife in his hand.


The prosecution described the deadly occurrence as follows: “As Smith raced towards him, Takieddine swung his crash helmet at Smith.” Again, according to the prosecution, this conduct was defensive.


“As Smith jumped onto the pavement, he crouched under the swinging crash helmet and swiftly swung his dagger twice at Takieddine’s upper torso.”


“According to the prosecution, one of these two swift, forceful hits with the knife penetrated Takieddine’s chest.”


Boudhane, despite his injuries, pursued Smith back to his vehicle while knocking on the glass with his crash helmet.


The moment Smith’s vehicle drove away, though, Boudhane slumped to the ground.


At 7:42 p.m., despite the emergency services’ best efforts, the 30-year-old was pronounced dead at the site.


A postmortem examination found that a stab wound to Boudhane’s chest caused his death.


The jury was informed that after the assault, Smith drove home and did not tell his family what had occurred.


The next day, he reportedly used his brother’s passport and credit card to board a flight from Luton airport to Austria, marking the beginning of his 17-month fugitive status.


When police looked for the defendant at his parents’ home, the defendant’s father handed them a video of lakes and mountains thought to be from his son.


Upon recovering Smith’s vehicle, police claimed discovered bloodstains matching the victim’s DNA.


A warrant for Smith’s arrest was issued in February 2020, but he stayed in Europe for 17 months.


On 3 June 2021, British officials apprehended the defendant at Lisbon International Airport and escorted him back to the United Kingdom.


Smith, of the north London neighborhood of Archway, denies one count of murder.

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