Pipe Bursting: Why Does it Occur & How to Deal with the situation

Pipe Bursting: Why Does it Occur & How to Deal with the situation

Pipe bursting is one of the critical plumbing problems out there. It can cause severe damage to water pipes. Though, identifying this issue can be difficult. But, it can be prevented easily by taking immediate action. Usually, water pipes burst during the winter due to sudden temperature drops. Tree root encroachment is another potential reason for this pipeline mishap. Over time, the pipe can corrode, and which can lead to pipe bursting.

Water pipes can sometimes burst due to soil shifting. This usually takes place in the pipes that are close to the construction sites. Excessive water force makes the pipes vulnerable to bursting. 

When was the last time you cleaned the pipes? Was that a month ago? Then, the chances are high that sediment has accumulated in the pipes. And, this clog build-up can either crack the pipe or explode it. 

Don’t hire a professional plumber beforehand to fix this plumbing problem. Because, if a pipe bursts in the house, it can be handled by taking necessary actions. Simply follow these steps to get rid of an unwanted pipe bursting:

  • Consider Turning Off the Main Valve First

Before starting any plumbing job, it is important to turn off the main valve. It will help you to prevent further damage and save costly repair expenses. You must be thinking about the reason behind turning this unit off. Well, the purpose of the main valve is to supply water throughout the house. 

And, when pipe bursts, gallons of water pass through the cracks. Thus, turning off this unit clockwise can help you to conserve water. Additionally, you have to turn off the Power Control Board for safety reasons. But, if you don’t know where the PCB is located, contact an experienced electrician in Dubai

  • Drain the Remaining Water through the Faucets

Now, it’s time to turn on the faucets and place buckets under each of them. Wait until the remaining water comes out from the water pipes. And, right after that, turn off the faucets, but don’t put too much pressure while tightening them. It can damage the O-ring or washer. Draining out the waters will prevent the pipes from further freezing. Also, it will alleviate the excessive water pressure, which can help avoid more pipe bursts. 

  • Find out the Problematic Pipes

Do you know which pipe has burst? Or, need help to identify the faulty water pipes? Contact handyman services expert to get instant help. Usually, these professionals look for water damage-prone areas to locate burst pipes. And, once you find that, check how severe the damage is. Replace the water pipes immediately. However, if you don’t have enough plumbing skills or experience, don’t repair the pipes. Get in touch with a plumbing service company to install durable pipes in the house.

  • Cover the Damage with Home Insurance Policy

Do you know you can claim the home insurance money to repair the burst pipes? Yes! Home insurance policies cover this sort of accidental plumbing unit damage. But, if the pipe has burst due to clogging, then the insurance provider might not pay the repair expenses. Usually, a standard home insurance policy lasts for 5-7 years. Thus, before claiming the money, check how many years are left. 

If it is less than 5 years, then capture photos of the damaged water pipes. Click the pictures of the areas that have been damaged from the excessive water force of burst pipes. Provide these pieces of evidence to your home insurance company. 

  • Drain out the Water from the Flooded Area

Minor floods in the house can cause many plumbing issues if it isn’t cleaned on time. Even mildew can grow if water accumulates for a prolonged time. Therefore, if your house has flooded after the pipe bursting, take a vacuum.

You also need to arrange a high-functioning dehumidifier. Pump out the water with the vacuum, and then dry the wet area with a dehumidifier. And, if you need any additional help, book an appointment with a handyman services provider. 

Is There Any Way to Prevent Pipe Bursting in the House?

Nobody likes to deal with the water damages of repairs caused by burst pipes. Therefore, everyone should know the ways to avoid it. Usually, if the outside temperature remains between 18-20 degrees Fahrenheit, that can burst the pipes. And, at this temperature, the water pipes take 5-6 hours to freeze completely. Once it gets frozen, it can burst within minutes. 

Do you know water pipes can crack even in extremely hot and humid temperatures? Yes! To prevent such accidental damages, regular maintenance is important. Also, look for the leaks in the pipe and seal them immediately, if it is possible. 

Alternatively, you can consider installing heat tape to keep the pipes warm in winter. Make sure to disconnect the hose pipes from the faucet, when it is no longer in use. It will help you to avoid unwanted pipe freezing or bursting. 

How Can You Identify Burst Water Pipes? 

Like the other plumbing units, water pipes also show certain symptoms before bursting. Is there an unpleasant odour whenever you’re turning on the faucet? It might be because of the burst pipes. Moreover, discoloured water is another indication of this pipe damage.

Sometimes the pipes might make loud noises when the main valve is on. Additionally, if you are getting high water bills, it could be for the pipe bursting. 

High water pressure is another major symptom of this plumbing mishap. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to an expert straight away. Sometimes, handling the entire situation can be difficult. So, search “building service expert near me” and choose a competent plumber. 

Make sure to check the expert’s certifications and his/her overall experience in this field. Don’t forget to check the company’s reviews and ratings before booking their experts. So, don’t wait, spend a few AEDs and fix the burst pipes now.

»Pipe Bursting: Why Does it Occur & How to Deal with the situation«

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