Photographers added false teeth to my son’s school photos, which has infuriated many others

Photographers added false teeth to my son’s school photos, which has infuriated many others

Tooth be told, picture day photographers are going too far with photo manipulation.

A mother of an elementary school student criticizes the photography studio that unilaterally added two front teeth to her child’s school photos without parental consent.

TikTok user @ManiRenae from Compton, California, pondered in her shareable TikTok message, “Why did his school give him teeth in his pictures?” Where can I find the originals?

In the eye-catching image, which garnered more than 50,000 online views, the mom displayed a glossy print of her little son, whose beaming smile contained a row of photoshopped adult teeth in place of his lost baby teeth.

After exhibiting the modified images in the movie, the mother prompted her kid to flash a smile for the camera, which exposed the existent gaps in his gum line.

“Y’all know you’re wrong!” shouted the mom, chastising both the picture day photographers and the school authorities for the unauthorized alterations to her child’s image.

Likewise, TikTok users were outraged by the egregious alterations.

“I would be very furious!” That brings back childhood memories; children with two lost front teeth are so adorable, snarled an enraged onlooker.

“No, I would prefer an unedited version with the missing teeth as the greatest part,” concurred a second outraged individual.

Other witnesses recounted situations in which their own school photographs had also been improperly altered to the photographer’s pleasure.

This was done to me in sixth grade. A commenter confessed, “I always smiled with my mouth covered, but when I got my ID, my teeth were visible.”

They deleted my daughter’s braces from her photographs. “I was really angry,” a mother recalled.

Unfortunately, unapproved modifications to school photographs are becoming increasingly widespread.

A Florida high school was engaged in controversy in May 2021 after editing more than 80 yearbook photos of female students without their permission.

In October of that year, a mother of a deaf child went viral after exposing a school photography firm for removing her child’s hearing aids from his photos.

“These are the hearing aids for my son. They help him hear, and they are a part of who he is,” the mother wrote in her TikTok appeal, which received more than 196,000 views. “By removing them, they have removed a piece of who he is”


»Photographers added false teeth to my son’s school photos, which has infuriated many others«

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