Persistent car crash causes Fear among Cardiff residents

Persistent car crash causes Fear among Cardiff residents

Residents living near a crossing in Cardiff are concerned that someone will be killed on their road.

Three car crashes have occurred at the A48 crossing in Llandaff between Insole Place and Insole Grove East since June last year.

People living on this busy stretch of road frequently see cars exceeding the designated speed limit of 30mph.

The most recent crash occurred on February 27, and residents fear that someone will be killed.

Natalie Lawson and Judie Hitchen, both mothers, worry about the safety of school children crossing the road, especially after the railings were removed from the central reservation following a car crash.

They have called for speed cameras to be installed along Western Avenue to reduce speeding.

The Welsh Government has approved legislation to lower the default speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets from 30mph to 20mph.

Local authorities will decide which roads should retain the 30mph limit. However, the section of the A48 between Waungron Road and Insole Place is one of the stretches of road that Cardiff Council has put forward to be an exception to the 20mph speed limit.

Residents are concerned about the safety of the Insole Place crossing, and despite speed reductions and additional signage, there have still been several serious accidents.

Councillor Sean Driscoll has requested additional measures, such as vehicle-activated signs, to make it safer for all road users.

The council is working with the police and the Go Safe Partnership to address residents’ concerns. The spokesperson for Cardiff Council asks all motorists to abide by the speed limit and the law on all roads across the city.

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