Pep Guardiola Confirms Fully-Fit Squad Ahead of Crucial Match: Injury Concerns Alleviated

Pep Guardiola Confirms Fully-Fit Squad Ahead of Crucial Match: Injury Concerns Alleviated

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Pep Guardiola reassures fans and the media that he has a fully-fit squad to choose from, except for a Dutch defender who is still recovering from a lingering hamstring injury.


In a press conference on Tuesday, the Manchester City manager stated, “Expect Nathan, everyone is fit.”

This news comes as a relief, especially considering the recent fitness concerns surrounding key players.

Kevin De Bruyne and Rodri’s Fitness Status

Guardiola confirmed that Kevin De Bruyne, who was rested during the weekend victory over Everton, is now fully fit for Wednesday’s upcoming game.

De Bruyne played a vital role in scoring the equalizer against Real Madrid in the first leg of the semi-final, ensuring the tie remains balanced going into the second leg at the Etihad Stadium.

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Despite suffering from a thigh injury recently, the Belgian midfielder is ready to contribute to City’s efforts.

There were also worries surrounding Rodri’s fitness after he was substituted late in the game against Everton due to a knock on his knee.


However, Guardiola did not provide any updates on the Spaniard’s condition, leaving the extent of the injury undisclosed.

Guardiola’s Approach and Mindset

Reflecting on City’s past experiences, particularly last year’s disappointing semi-final exit against Real Madrid, Guardiola emphasized that he will not overthink his tactics for the upcoming match.

He expressed confidence and remained tight-lipped about his strategy, jokingly mentioning that he cannot reveal any details, lest it reaches Carlo Ancelotti, Everton’s manager.

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Guardiola assured everyone that there would be nothing drastically different from previous matches, emphasizing the need for fluidity and improved performance.


Pep Guardiola’s confirmation of a fully-fit squad, except for one player, provides a boost to Manchester City’s prospects in the upcoming crucial match.

The availability of key players, particularly Kevin De Bruyne, after recent injury concerns, adds to the team’s strength.

De Bruyne’s contribution will be vital, considering his crucial goal against Real Madrid in the first leg.

The undisclosed injury status of Rodri raises some questions about his availability and potential impact.


However, the overall tone of Guardiola’s comments suggests that he remains optimistic and focused on the upcoming challenge.

Guardiola’s mindset reflects a balance between acknowledging past disappointments and maintaining a confident and composed approach.

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By not overthinking his tactics, he aims to ensure a fluid and improved performance from his team.

Guardiola’s lighthearted response regarding strategy secrecy adds a touch of humor to his press conference, showcasing his ability to handle pressure and maintain a positive atmosphere within the team.


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