Penny Wong said Pauline Hanson’s Senate address evoked terrible childhood memories

Penny Wong said Pauline Hanson’s Senate address evoked terrible childhood memories

Penny Wong, the minister of foreign affairs, criticized Pauline Hanson for her remarks in the Senate, admitting they brought back difficult memories from her youth.

When the One Nation leader refused to take down a tweet urging Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi to “p*** off back to Pakistan,” it caused a stir in the Senate and earned him the label of “scumbag.”

Sen. Hanson escalated her criticism on Tuesday when she volunteered to drive Sen. Faruqi “to the airport” after the Greens deputy leader tweeted that she was unable to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Labor Senate leader Wong, who was born in Malaysia, had an unprecedented response to her contentious remarks. In an enraged speech, he slammed Ms. Hanson’s remarks “without reservation.”

Senator Wong acknowledged that bigotry continues to irritate her as she supported a parliamentary effort to denounce Senator Hanson’s remarks.

I find them repugnant, and I’ve heard them innumerable times since I came to this country, and I remember hearing them when I was a young child in the schoolyard, said Senator Wong.

“Can I say to Senator Faruqi that we on this side do understand your resentment at the comment, and we understand why you are calling out such behavior?” I’m picking up on something Senator Faruqi mentioned in her speech about how upsetting this is.

It is accurate, it is. Every time you hear it, something triggers. I still get triggered, even though I’m the Senate leader, and I wonder how it is for youngsters who experience the same thing in the playground.

Senator Wong also made mention of her parliamentary inauguration address from twenty years ago.

How long must you reside here and how deeply must you adore this nation before you are accepted? For how long? She spoke.

With the justification that “I have the right to talk about this matter (the Queen and the empire) without being racially demonized,” Senator Faruqi proposed a vote to reprimand Ms. Hanson.

We must “identify and shame” racism, the Greens Senator continued. “This is a symbolic but crucial step that everyone in this place can take to make clear that we oppose racism in all its forms, shapes, and sizes.”

Ultimately, the Senate adopted a modified resolution that does not expressly condemn Hanson but instead urges senators to “engage in debates and remarks respectfully, and to refrain from provocative and divisive comments, both within and outside the chamber at all times.”

Initially, Ms. Faruqi proposed that the Senate: (a) denounces all forms of racism and prejudice against immigrants and people of color;

(b) conveys to all immigrants to Australia the message that they are welcomed and respected members of our society;

(c) states that racism or prejudice cannot be tolerated during public debate among lawmakers if Parliament is to be a safe place for everyone who works and visits here;

Moreover, it (d) denounces Senator Hanson for her divisive, anti-immigrant, and racist remark asking Senator Faruqi to “piss off back to Pakistan,” which does not represent the views of the Australian Senate or the Australian people.

Later, Labor changed the motion’s opening and last sentences to explicitly denounce racism and prejudice “in all its forms.”

Politicians were horrified by Senator Hanson’s outburst, which prompted Greens senator Jordon Steele-John to yell “you scumbag” across the chamber.

Following a tweet from Ms Faruqi on the day of the Queen’s passing, calling her “a leader of a racist empire,” Ms Hanson refused to take back her statement during a contentious debate on Tuesday.

To those who knew the Queen, my condolences. I am unable to mourn the head of a racist empire established on the wealth, land, and lives that were stolen from colonized peoples, Ms. Faruqi wrote in a post.

We are reminded of the pressing need for a treaty with the First Nations, justice and compensation for the former British colonies, and becoming a republic.

As I have stated, I will not, NOT withdraw what I have told Senator Faruqi or any other Australian who has come here in search of a new way of life, to insult what is Australian to me, Ms. Hanson said in a statement to the Senate.

Then she made a reference to her earlier remark in which she advised Ms. Faruqi to return to Pakistan if she did not support the Queen.

She added on Tuesday, “And she can do and go where I’ve indicated.” I offer to drive her to the airport as well.

Steele, Mr.

John then yelled at Ms. Hanson, “You scumbag!”

The British empire, according to Ms. Faruqi, “enslaved millions of black and brown people around the world.”

Ms. Hanson responded to the Greens politician by advising she leave Australia and that she had taken advantage of everything the nation had to offer. Ms. Hanson once submitted a motion in the Senate saying it was “OK to be white.”

“Your attitude disgusts and appalls me. You exploited Australia to the fullest when you arrived here, Ms. Hanson added.

You obtained citizenship, obtained employment in a parliament, and purchased numerous homes. It’s obvious that you’re unhappy, so get your stuff together and head back to Pakistan.

»Penny Wong said Pauline Hanson’s Senate address evoked terrible childhood memories«

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