Pelosi blames MAGA Republicans for Colorado nightclub shooting

Pelosi blames MAGA Republicans for Colorado nightclub shooting

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commemorated Transgender Remembrance Day by slamming MAGA Republicans and linking them in the Colorado LBGTQ nightclub shooting that resulted in five fatalities overnight.

Saturday night, a 22-year-old opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, resulting in five deaths and 18 injuries.

Pelosi stated in a statement, “As our nation observes Transgender Day of Remembrance, the House Democratic Caucus mourns the many Americans lost to the plague of transphobic violence, a crisis that continues to disproportionately affect trans people of color.”

Pelosi, who is stepping down from the Democratic leadership in January, continued, ‘This struggle is more vital than ever, as right-wing radicals threaten the most fundamental rights and liberties of transgender Americans. Whether spewing threatening rhetoric from cable news stations or overtly abusing students from the corridors of authority, MAGA Republicans ruthlessly undermine the safety and wellbeing of our transgender community.

“Horrified by such reprehensible discrimination, House Democrats are thrilled to march with our transgender allies.”

There is currently no known motivation for the incident.

Before being stopped by at least two ‘heroic’ clubgoers, authorities claim Anderson Lee Aldrich entered the homosexual club just before midnight and fired an undetermined number of rounds from a long rifle of AR-15 design.

Aldrich is currently in protective custody at a nearby hospital for injuries that are unknown. In June 2021, the Colorado Springs guy was arrested for making a bomb threat.

Multiple casualties, some in severe condition, were transferred to three hospitals in the area. The medical facilities are currently attempting to inform families about the circumstances of their loved ones.

State legislatures dominated by the Republican Party have placed fighting back against transgender activism at the forefront of the culture war, passing laws that prevent transgender boys from participating in girls’ sports, requiring students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their assigned sex at birth, and prohibiting elementary school teachers from discussing gender and sexuality.

»Pelosi blames MAGA Republicans for Colorado nightclub shooting«

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