Parents seek charges against school for not protecting their child in Florida

Parents seek charges against school for not protecting their child in Florida

A Florida eighth grader was seen on video being pummeled by bullies, dislocating his elbow and kicking his head while no one stepped in to help him, leading his parents to seek charges against his school.

Schaven Lewis was horrified after seeing the footage, as her son was confronted by the other boys Thursday morning during gym class at Parkway Middle School in Lauderhill.

You can see the boy surrounded and being kicked and punched by several other students as he cries for help before eventually they are forced to disperse and someone pulls the stunned boy off the ground.

Now, Schaven and her husband Tavarus Lewis are demanding something be done about the bullies, as well as the school staff who failed to help their son while he was being beaten in the middle of class.

‘We send him to school for an education, not for him to be fearful for his life,’ Schaven Lewis said. She told WSVN that her son, whom she is not naming, spent 10 hours in the hospital and had his elbow end up in a cast after being dislocated. His head was also visibly harmed.

What stuns her the most is how long the beating is allowed to go on without anyone from the school doing anything. ‘You see them slam him, you see them kicking him in the head, all this other stuff that’s going on,’ she added, ‘and at no point do you see any administrator pop up, at all.’

The Lewis family also notes they felt this had been coming, as their son had been bullied both in person and online for at least a year leading up to the Thursday incident.

In November, there had been a confrontation between a group of bullies and their son, forcing all of them – including their child – to be sent to different schools. But they say the bullying continued.

They allege that their son was being teased about the recent death of his cousin and were pushing him around a basketball court when he threw the first punch.

‘We recently had a death in the family, and these kids were picking at him about that, ‘Hey, your cousin died,’ laughing at him, making a joke about it,’ Tavarus Lewis said. ‘And he got upset, and he just couldn’t take it no more. It wasn’t the first day.’

They also claim that the incident happened at 11:45 a.m. Thursday morning and the school did not contact them about it until 1 p.m.

‘Something needs to happen – whether it’s a change of staff, more security, but something, something has to happen – so that these kids are insured that they’re safe while they’re trying to come and get an education,’ said Schaven Lewis.

The Lewis family is looking into pressing charges against the school while local authorities investigate. has reached out to Broward County Public Schools for comment on the incident.

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