Parents criticized for allowing a toddler to “run wild” on a flight: “This is why I hate children

Parents criticized for allowing a toddler to “run wild” on a flight: “This is why I hate children

A social media watchdog summed it up maybe best: “My parents would have kicked me off the plane in the middle of the flight.”

The viral video of a toddler harassing an aircraft full of people has amassed millions of views and sparked a passionate discussion over how the parents should have “managed” the issue.

The now-viral video was initially posted to Reddit’s “Public Freakout” section on Wednesday under the title “letting children run wild during an 8-hour flight,” eliciting nearly 20,000 “upvotes” and comments such as “this should be an advertisement for condoms” and “this is why I hate kids, especially those of this toddler age.”

The clincher photo shows the pig-tailed hellion — “believed to be from the United States” on an unidentified airline — vigorously bouncing up and down on a tray table, obviously jolting the male passenger seated immediately in front of her.

Although he appeared to keep his patience with the “little brat,” according to Reddit reviewers, enraged viewers dispensed copious amounts of parenting advice.

“I may be terrible, but I’ve never wanted a tray table to collapse so much as I did while watching that,” said one irritated reviewer. The unfortunate man in front.

Another Reddit provocateur said, “I would NEVER permit one of my children to interrupt someone in this manner. Talking a bit loudly is OK. It is totally WRONG to have your kid jump on airplane seats while holding onto a stranger’s chair. I hope he got compensated in some way. Probably, the parents saw nothing wrong about this. UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

Others were more thoughtful on in-flight sanitary standards: “I would feel like a failing parent if my children were doing this and I was permitting it.” “The bouncing is clearly annoying, but so are the passengers’ bare feet on the tray table… Always clean your stations, gentlemen.”

In the now-viral video thread, outraged viewers provided copious parenting advice.

One user said, “Shouldn’t the flight attendants have intervened?” in an effort to place the responsibility for the disturbance on the aircraft’s flight crew. If so, I hope the airline compensated the affected person.

Ironically, a flight attendant became viral last week after exposing the “most disliked passengers” according to her and her coworkers. It is not disruptive children.

According to Kat Kalamani, a six-year veteran of the friendly skies, it’s frequently the irritated adults who complain about such unruly children that put the “ass” in passenger.

Contrary to common assumption, crying babies are not the most unpleasant airline customers, according to a former flight attendant from the United States.

In fact, the passengers who most anger flight attendants are those who complain about screaming infants, she revealed in a video with over 2 million views.

“I assure you, nothing frustrates us as flight attendants more than when people complain about screaming kids,” added Kalamani. Accompanying film depicts a furious-looking “Karen” on an unidentified aircraft attempting to quiet a child who is throwing a tantrum off-screen.

According to The Post’s prior coverage of the footage, although these passengers may view themselves as the heroes of the trip, they are actually upsetting both staff and fellow passengers.

Instead of complaining about crying infants, Kalamani proposes that irritated passengers prepare by packing “noise-canceling headphones” or (gasp!) simply “ask the parent if they need assistance.”


»Parents criticized for allowing a toddler to “run wild” on a flight: “This is why I hate children«

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