Overcoming Stigma and Accepting Help: Frank Bruno’s Story of Mental Health Recovery

Overcoming Stigma and Accepting Help: Frank Bruno’s Story of Mental Health Recovery

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Frank Bruno Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles

Former boxing champion Frank Bruno recently spoke out about his ongoing battle with mental health issues, revealing that at one point, he did not even recognize himself.


The 60-year-old was sectioned under the Mental Health Act during the Covid lockdown and has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he now manages through treatment.

Journey to Recovery

In a recent interview with Nigel Farage on GB News, Bruno discussed his journey to recovery and how difficult it was for him to accept the diagnosis and treatment.

He admitted that he initially found it hard to accept that he had mental health issues, but as the diagnosis became more apparent, he started to take better care of himself.

Bruno acknowledged that he was not used to taking medication, but he understands the importance of it in managing his illness.

Challenges of Medication


Despite understanding the importance of medication, Bruno shared the difficulties he experienced with the drugs he was given.

He revealed that some of the medications he was prescribed caused him to gain weight, made him feel numb, and even caused him to dribble.

He admitted that being on medication made him feel like he did not recognize himself.


Frank Bruno’s story is a reminder of the challenges that many people face when dealing with mental health issues.

The stigma surrounding mental health often prevents people from seeking the help they need. However, as Bruno’s story shows, it is essential to seek treatment and manage mental illness.

The challenges associated with medication also highlight the importance of ongoing monitoring and adjustment to ensure that people with mental illness receive the best possible care.

Overall, Bruno’s journey to recovery serves as an inspiration to those struggling with mental health issues and highlights the need for continued support and understanding.


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