Oskido dragged for kissing Pearl Thusi during date with Mr Smeg [video]

Pearl Thusi and Mr Smeg’s national date was an occasion to remember for Black Twitter….

The popular tweep and one of SA’s most outspoken celebs on the app met for lunch over the weekend in what was hailed a “match made on Twitter”.

But ruining the moment, claim some, was South African DJ Oskido. According to tweeps, the music producer and restaurant owner gatecrashed the date and even stole the shine off Mr Smeg!

He even beat Mr Smeg to an unofficial kiss from Pearl Thusi!


Pearl Thusi and Mr Smeg’s lunch date took place at Daruma, a Japanese cuisine restaurant owned by Oskido.

During the live stream of the date, the music star came out to greet the couple. After sitting down, he quizzes the duo on how their “national date” came to be.

Oskido could also be seen in the background of the livestream taking pics and even filming the date on his phone.

He posted on Instagram: “It was lovely hosting @PearlThusi & @MichaelBucwa on their #NationalLunchDate yesterday. I’m happy to have been invited to join the table for a few mins of getting to know about how the lunch date and Mr Smeg brand came about”.

After bidding the couple goodbye, Oskido placed a very awkward kiss on Pearl Thusi’s cheek.

This got the attention of SA tweeps who accused the star of being a “third wheel” during the eperience.

“Three is a crowd Oskido”

“Oskido be kissing Mr Smeg’s girl in front of him”

“To be honest Pearl didn’t want to kiss Oskido… He forced things and we know the these types of guy. #NationalLunchDate”

“Mr Smeg asked Pearl an a date, but it’s Oskido who gets a kiss?”



The Twitter backlash found it’s way to Oskido’s ears who responded to it in an Instagram comment.

Responding to a tweep, Oskido wrote of the date drama: “It’s human nature to have people with negative views”.

And despite the footage, Pearl Thusi herself insisted that she was not on the receiving end of a kiss.

But all was well in the end, and Mr Smeg even managed to score his own kiss from Pearl Thusi – on the cheek, of course!