Olivia Wilde criticizes Jordan Peterson

Olivia Wilde criticizes Jordan Peterson

The controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson was overcome with emotion when he addressed Olivia Wilde’s characterization of him as a ‘insane pseudo-intellectual hero’ to the ‘incel’ group in Don’t Worry Darling.

The controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson welled up as spoke about Don't Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde calling him an 'insane pseudo-intellectual hero' to the 'incel' community

Peterson acknowledged that he was a “hero” among incels, or “involuntary celibates” – a predominantly online group of young men who believe society denies them sexual or romantic attention unjustly.

Wilde disclosed earlier this month that Peterson inspired Chris Pine’s scary portrayal of Frank in the film Don’t Worry, Darling.

“We based that character on this lunatic man, Jordan Peterson, who is a pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel movement,” Wilde remarked, adding that incels are a group of “disenfranchised, predominantly white men who believe they are entitled to sex with women.”

Peterson became emotional and had tears in his eyes when asked whether he agrees with Wilde’s judgment that he is a “intellectual hero” among incel men. However, he insisted that her remarks “truly didn’t bother me.”Wilde (pictured in New York on September 19) revealed earlier this month that Peterson was the inspiration for actor Chris Pine's terrifying character Frank in the movie Don't Worry Darling

Peterson remarked last night on Piers Morgan Uncensored, ‘Sure, why not?’ People have been pursuing me for a long time because I have been speaking to disgruntled males, which is a terrible thing to do.’

Peterson paused as he felt upset and fought back tears before stating, “I believed the disadvantaged were meant to have a voice.”

'We based that character on this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,' Wilde said. Pictured: Chris Pine and Wilde from a scene in Don't Worry Darling

The controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson became emotional when discussing Don’t Worry Darling filmmaker Olivia Wilde’s characterization of him as a “insane pseudo-intellectual idol” to the “incel” group.

Wilde (seen in New York on September 19) disclosed earlier this month that Peterson inspired actor Chris Pine’s scary character Frank in the film Don’t Worry, Darling.

Wilde stated, “We based that persona on this lunatic man, Jordan Peterson, who is a pseudo-intellectual idol in the incel movement.” Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde in a scene from Don’t Worry, Darling.

Incels feel themselves incapable of sexually attracting women and are antagonistic towards sexually attractive individuals.

They communicate online through a variety of forums that promote male-dominated beliefs, extreme ideologies of anti-woman hatred and sexual objectification of women, and violent incitement.

Peterson paused as he became emotional and tried to fight back tears, before adding: 'I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice'

Peterson, though, stated that incels are ‘alienated’ and ‘they don’t know what to do and everyone bullies them’.

Peterson paused as he felt emotional and fought back tears before continuing, “I believed the disadvantaged were meant to have a voice.”

Peterson’s previous gender, racial, and masculinity-related scandals

2016: Criticized proposed Canadian legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or gender expression” on the grounds that it would harm freedom of expression.

In 2017, it was asserted that “the concept of white privilege is utterly abhorrent” because “most people have a variety of privileges.”

While discussing the crisis of masculinity, he told Channel 4 that males must “grow the heck up” and “accept responsibilities” in 2018. Also asserted that the gender pay difference was not “exclusively due to gender.”

Cambridge University revoked Peterson’s fellowship in 2019 after receiving a storm of criticism for advertising a ten-part lecture series.

2020: Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila revealed that he was hospitalized in Russia due to a severe benzodiazepine habit. She stated that he ‘almost died multiple times… due to what the Western medical system did to him’

Late in the year 2020, Penguin Random House Canada attempts to prevent the publishing of Peterson’s self-help book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, labeling him a “symbol of white supremacy and hate speech.”

Tells The Sunday Times that he became suicidal as a result of his benzodiazepine addiction and that he was hospitalized in Russia in an induced coma.

May 2022: Calls the plus-size Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model “ugly” and claims that “no amount of authoritarian tolerance can change that.”

Peterson, with tears in his eyes, remarked, ‘Well, god, it’s extremely difficult to comprehend how demoralized people are, and there are undoubtedly young men in that group.

You receive casual taunts such as “you incels.” What even does that mean?’

He continued, “These males do not know how to make themselves appealing to women, and they are selective. And to their credit, women, your discerning nature is your gift. Fair enough, demand high standards from your man.

“However, all these estranged males are lonesome and they don’t know what to do, and everyone hurls hate at them.”

A lot of ‘incels’ have murdered and assaulted women. In 2018, the incel Scott Paul Beierle murdered two women and injured four more at a Florida yoga studio before committing suicide.

Tres Genco, a 21-year-old from Ohio, was accused with plotting a mass massacre of female college students in Ohio and illegally possessing a machine gun last year.

Patsy Stevenson, a British activist, criticized Peterson’s remarks, stating, “The way Jordan Peterson screams about incels being’misunderstood’ males who don’t know how to’make themselves attractive to women’ is offensive.”

Then does not comprehend why people dislike him. Because we told them no, Jordanian chick incels are f***ing murdering women.

Peterson, a psychologist and retired professor at the University of Toronto, is a controversial figure because of his conservative views on free speech, gender identification, and global warming.

Peterson has identified himself as a “professor against political correctness” during his ascent to stardom. The 60-year-old man has been very outspoken regarding masculinity and has previously declared that the male spirit is “under attack.”

Peterson stated, in reference to Wilde’s characterization of him as a ‘crazy man’ and a ‘pseudo-intellectual’ who catered to a ‘incel community,’: ‘You know, as far as criticism goes, that was sort of low level.

“Once I was portrayed as ‘Red Skull,’ you know, a mythical super-Nazi, the insults ceased to exist.” There is nowhere beyond that.

When Olivia Wilde made those remarks, the first thing I did was watch the trailer for a movie that I truly enjoyed. I reasoned, “I would probably see that movie.” And possibly I will. It didn’t disturb me very much.


Jordan Peterson explains why he met with Cristiano Ronaldo: “He’s depressed, so be gentle with him.”

Jordan Peterson asserts that he ‘assisted’ Cristiano Ronaldo during a two-hour meeting after the athlete experienced’some difficulty in his life’

Ronaldo was slammed after he posted an Instagram photo with controversial professor Jordan Peterson and referred to him as a “friend.”

Peterson reported that Ronaldo brought him to his home, where they spent two hours discussing the footballer’s businesses and future goals.

When asked about his private encounter with the football player and the reaction it generated, he responded, ‘Well, he invited me to see him. A few months prior, he had experienced some difficulty in his life, and a friend of his had sent him some of my videos. He stated that he had watched those videos and then read my book, or one of my books, and found them to be extremely beneficial. He wanted to speak with me.

Therefore, I went to his residence, where we conversed for around two hours, and he showed me all the equipment he uses to maintain his physical fitness.

And we spoke a bit about his businesses, but largely about his aspirations for the future and some of the challenges he faces in pursuing them. Consequently, I would say that we engaged in a 90-minute strategic discussion on these themes.

Piers said that his athlete friend appeared to be doing much better since speaking with Peterson, following the well-documented death of his child and critiques over his football performance.

The professor acknowledged that they had talked “visualizing a way forward” from some of his existing challenges.

Morgan found it intriguing that someone with such cerebral and physical strength would need his assistance. Peterson responded, ‘Well, I don’t know if he needed me because he’s a competent guy, but… this is what competent people do – you can always better on the edge, you know.

Therefore, his life is extremely well organized, despite the fact that he encountered some difficulty.

He continued: ‘We talked a lot about what he wanted, how he wanted his career to conclude in the most gracious possible manner and how it may be optimised.’

Peterson continued, ‘It’s difficult for people with a spectacular career, especially one that’s to some extent dependent on youth, to determine what to do with the rest of their lives.

As far as I can tell, he has positioned himself incredibly effectively on that front, as he is a very astute businessman with a young family and a large group of friends. Therefore, I believe that the transition for him will be relatively easy.

This, however, is a monument to his acumen, as he ensured that his life was built on more than one degree of achievement, which was quite wise.

»Olivia Wilde criticizes Jordan Peterson«

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