Officer claims that “exclusion list” is an attempt to breakdown the system

Officer claims that “exclusion list” is an attempt to breakdown the system

A retired homicide detective from St. Louis, Roger Murphey, claims that he was one of many officers placed on an “exclusion list” by district attorney Kimberly Gardner, which prevented him from performing his police work effectively and led to the breakdown of the system.

Murphey left the police force in 2021 after being placed on the list, which prevented him from filing paperwork such as warrants and subpoenas.

Gardner, who was backed by billionaire George Soros in her election, has faced criticism for her approach to prosecution.

Approximately 75 police officers are thought to be on Gardner’s exclusion list, which prevents them from bringing cases to her office and fulfilling their law enforcement duties.

They are also prohibited from speaking out about the list. Gardner addressed the list in 2019, stating that the officers on it had credibility concerns and compromised integrity, but did not provide further details.

Murphey says he was placed on the list for two social media posts, one of which criticized Gardner’s soft-on-crime approach.

He claims that officers who are openly critical of her are “blackballed.”

He also argues that the list is a political move by Gardner, and not a result of bias, stating that if he were biased, Gardner should have shown proof to a judge.

He believes that Gardner’s goal was to have fewer police officers on the force and decrease the number of arrests, which has led to a breakdown of the system.

The exclusion list not only prevents officers from submitting paperwork, but it can also result in cases being shut down if an officer on the list is deemed an essential witness.

If Gardner’s office views the key officer as without integrity and biased, the case may not be brought for prosecution at all.

The St. Louis Police Pension Board states that 819 police officers have left Gardner’s department since she took office in 2017.

The list was created in 2018 after the Plain View Project studied thousands of Facebook posts from St. Louis officers.

Some of the posts were found to display the Confederate flag, suggesting Black History Month was racist, supporting roughing up protesters, and mocking foreign accents.

Gardner received around $116,000 from Soros-backed PACs and the Vera Institute of Justice.

Soros has bankrolled the campaigns of district attorneys across the country to implement a liberal vision of criminal prosecution, resulting in crime surges in major cities under his DAs’ oversight.

Under Gardner’s watch, murder in St. Louis has reached a 50-year high, and fewer felonies have been prosecuted.

Murphey argues that the police force is created to provide protection to citizens, and Gardner’s approach is not aligned with that goal.

»Officer claims that “exclusion list” is an attempt to breakdown the system«

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