NY woman receives criticisms for dating experience viral video

NY woman receives criticisms for dating experience viral video

A woman in New York named Dafna went on a date with a man she met on the dating app Hinge.

During dinner, Dafna and her date ordered their meals, and the waitress asked if the man wanted cheese on his burger, which would cost an extra $3.00.

He declined the offer, and after eating, Dafna paid the bill without telling her date and sent him a message saying, “The check is taken care of. You should have gotten the cheese.”

Dafna later took to TikTok to complain about the experience, which has since gone viral.

However, Dafna has received criticism for her actions, with many claiming that her date had a “lucky escape” from her.

Some pointed out that the pandemic has caused a cost-of-living crisis, which may be why her date was watching his money. Others agreed with her decision, stating that they also get the “ick” when their date is “tight” with money.

Dafna responded to the backlash in a separate TikTok video, stating that she knows she is “crazy” but that the comments she received were “unhinged”.

She also revealed that she is broke herself, as she is a student and an unpaid intern, but that she does not “bitch about money” when she goes out on a date or to a restaurant with friends.

Despite the criticism, Dafna has announced that she will be going on a second date with the man, who thought her video was funny.


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