NPower Batch C: How To Get Your NPower Reference ID

NPower Batch C: How To Get Your NPower Reference ID – TDPel Jobs

NPower Latest News: Lots of NPower Batch C applicant do not actually know or might have forgotten the actual NPower category they applied for, to know the particular category applied for the answer lies on the N-Power Batch C applicant’s Reference ID, now the question is “how do you gain access to the N-Power Reference ID?”

Remember during the initial registration years back, a confirmation email was sent to your email, the notification contains your application reference number, which look like this: NPWR/2020/NTECH1-XXXXXXXX, with this an NPower Batch C applicant can access the N-Power reference ID in the ID is your NPower category you applied for, you can see from the above reference ID the applicant applied for N-Tech.

So therefore in order to gain access to your NPower Reference ID to know the category you applied for, quickly go to your email and do a quick search.

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