No Concrete Evidence Found on Connor Sturgeon’s Girlfriend: Reddit Users in Frenzy

No Concrete Evidence Found on Connor Sturgeon’s Girlfriend: Reddit Users in Frenzy

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

The recent mass shooting at the Old National Bank building in Louisville, Kentucky, has left many people in shock and mourning.


The attacker, Connor Sturgeon, was an employee at the bank and had been interning there for three years before being hired full-time in June 2021.

During the incident, Sturgeon live-streamed the massacre on Instagram and used a rifle.

Five people were killed, and nine others were injured, including two police officers. The victims included bank employees, and one of the injured was a rookie police officer who underwent brain surgery and remained in serious condition.

No evidence of a girlfriend

Following the shooting, several threads were created on Reddit, with some users speculating about Sturgeon’s relationship status and whether or not he was involved with someone.

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However, despite extensive discussions about his girlfriend, no concrete evidence has been found to confirm the existence of a romantic relationship.


It has been reported that no one has come forward claiming to be his girlfriend.

Despite being a star athlete in high school, no information indicates he had a significant other during that time.

It is also unclear if he dated anyone during his college years.

Chilling audio and investigation

Recently released chilling police dispatch audio reveals that Sturgeon left a voicemail message for a friend before going on the deadly mass shooting, saying that he felt suicidal and planned to kill everyone at the bank.

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Responding officers requested EMS after discovering one of their colleagues shot in the head on the steps of the Old National Bank in downtown Louisville.

The mass shooting at the bank and the investigation
The mass shooting at the bank and the investigation

Police officers expressed concern about being ambushed if they tried to approach the bank, and gunshots were heard on the recording with officers yelling “shots fired!” The audio also reveals that Sturgeon’s mother and his younger brother approached police at the scene as the chaos unfolded.

Sturgeon was described by a friend and former teammate from high school as a star athlete in track, football, and basketball.


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It is unclear why he committed the shooting.

After the incident, federal and local officers searched Sturgeon’s home and spoke to his neighbors for any possible clues.

Facebook has removed the live stream of the shootings from its platform, and officers were seen leaving Sturgeon’s house with bags full of evidence.

The tragedy that occurred in Louisville is a reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence and the importance of addressing mental health issues.

The victims and their families are in the thoughts of many, and efforts must continue to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


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