“No American equivalent”: Peet Viljoen on the “drama” of Tammy Taylor

“No American equivalent”: Peet Viljoen on the “drama” of Tammy Taylor

Former attorney Peet Viljoen addressed the Tammy Taylor Nails SA issues during the Real Housewives of Pretoria reunion broadcast on KykNet on January 12th.

The reunion of Real Housewives of Pretoria (RHOPTA) was hosted by Rian van heerden. Rian asks Peet Viljoen to explain in one or two sentences the controversial episode of Carte Blanche in which it was asserted that he and his wife do not own the Tammy Taylor Nails SA patent. Peet is married to RHOPTA actress and founder of Tammy Taylor Nails SA, Melany “Mel” Viljoen.

Additionally, the pair was questioned on claims that the product they are using is not Tammy Taylor, but rather locally made. Peet asserted that there was no franchise and that “Tammy Taylor” had nothing to license them.

“Now is the time to focus because the material is becoming increasingly technical. I’ll react in one sentence. They do not exist. Tammy Taylor, a small distributor of nail goods, informed us that she personally manufactures the products. “She is not a franchise, and she had nothing to license us,” he stated.

“Search Google for the dictionary definition of the word ‘license’.” You cannot purchase Coca-Cola cans and then license them to me. Coco-Cola alone can. Comprehend, he continued.

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Peet continued by asserting that the franchise was developed in South Africa and that there is no American comparable to what they have developed.

“The trademark is therefore registered here. Here, the franchise was founded. There is no American counterpart to what we have built together. This is what people do not comprehend. This is known to Carte Blanche, he said.

The old attorney then asserted that the original brand had been transferred back.

“On their own, a clip from the broadcast program, if you pause the clip on your television screen, you will see that the transfer of the brand, her original writing style, was returned to her,” he continued.

“That which we established here was not transmitted. Therefore, the screen displayed’rejected’,” he stated.


»“No American equivalent”: Peet Viljoen on the “drama” of Tammy Taylor«

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