Nigerians Resort to VPNs as Binance App Faces Alleged Block by APC Government

Recent reports indicate that Nigerians are resorting to Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to access the Binance app, following alleged restrictions imposed by the All Progressives Congress (APC) government in Nigeria.

This move has sparked concerns about the accessibility of cryptocurrency platforms in the country.

Binance’s Response:

Binance, one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, has responded to the situation.

The platform asserts its commitment to providing a market-driven and secure environment for users.

Binance emphasizes its dedication to combating fraudulent and manipulative activities on its platform.

The statement from Binance stresses the removal of users engaged in malicious behavior and ongoing improvements to enhance processes and tools.

Financial Implications and Exchange Rate Dynamics:

Amidst these developments, the value of the US Dollar against the Nigerian Naira is a crucial factor.

As of October 9, 2023, at an exchange rate of 771.732, $1,025 translates to ₦791,023.25.

However, the past 30 days have seen fluctuations, with the 30-day high reaching ₦808,427.75 and the low at ₦757,485.25.

This equates to a significant variance of ₦50,942.5 over the last month.

Weekly Exchange Rate Analysis:

A weekly examination further reveals the impact on the exchange rate.

At the highest rate in the last 7 days, $1,025 is valued at ₦791,023.25, while the weekly low places it at ₦781,162.75.

This weekly fluctuation amounts to ₦9,860.5, underlining the shorter-term volatility in the currency exchange scenario.

Real-time Conversion and Tools:

Presently, the conversion of 1025 US Dollars to Nigerian Naira stands at 776,867.30 NGN, with an exchange rate of 757.9193 as of October 11, 2023.

For convenience, online tools such as the history chart and table of popular currency pairs are available, offering insights into the latest exchange rates.

Currency converter widgets or exchange rate widgets are recommended for those who prefer streamlined access to real-time information.


The reported use of VPNs to access cryptocurrency platforms raises questions about the regulatory landscape and user freedoms in Nigeria.

The parallel analysis of exchange rates provides a comprehensive view of the financial implications in this evolving scenario.

As individuals navigate these uncertainties, staying informed about exchange rate dynamics becomes crucial for informed decision-making.

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