Nigerians; how to identify them

Nigerians are known for various reasons, all over the world, but what exactly makes us Nigerians? Is it our culture? The landmass? Or previous colonial masters?
According to a post on Aljazeera, Nigerian commentator on Nigeria and international affairs, Kayode Ogundamisi opines that,
“It is probably easier for a child to fly a spacecraft to the moon than for any Nigerian to define what a “Nigerian identity” is.”
Perhaps, but nothing defines us like our attitude; Nigerians are fierce, amazing, talented, and resilient people.
Who else can turn a bad situation into a delightful joke?
Who else can look at an impossible circumstance, and say bring it on?
Who else can adapt to the most unexpected conditions and make something phenomenal out of nothing?
Definitely Nigerians!
After all, no one enjoys deals, and good discounts like proper Nigerians.
Nigerians; how to identify them

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