Nigerians Express Frustration over Delayed Confirmation of Record-Breaking Cooking Marathon

Nigerians Express Frustration over Delayed Confirmation of Record-Breaking Cooking Marathon

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Controversy Surrounds Guinness World Records’ Review of Hilda Bassey’s Cooking Marathon


Nigerians Express Frustration and Concerns on Twitter

The announcement by Guinness World Records (GWR) regarding the review of Hilda Bassey’s cooking marathon has sparked discontent among Nigerians.

Bassey had reportedly surpassed the previous record, but GWR stated that evidence is under review before confirming her achievement as the new record holder.

This response has triggered a wave of reactions on Twitter, with netizens expressing their frustrations and warning against any interference with Bassey’s victory.

Nigerians Await Confirmation of New Record Holder

Nigerians eagerly awaited the official confirmation of Hilda Bassey as the new record holder for the longest cooking hours by an individual.


Bassey had embarked on the cooking marathon on Thursday, aiming to surpass the previous record of 87 hours and 45 minutes set by Lata Tondon.

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However, GWR has stated that it is currently reviewing the evidence before making a final determination.

Outrage and Warning Against Interference

The response from GWR has not been well-received by Nigerians, who have expressed their frustration and issued warnings to the organization.

Netizens highlighted the need for transparency and cautioned against any potential manipulation of the results.

Some individuals made references to the electoral processes in Nigeria, humorously comparing GWR to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and drawing parallels to concerns of rigging and manipulation.

The comments on Twitter reflect the strong desire for fairness and integrity in the evaluation of Hilda Bassey’s cooking marathon.

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Nigerians are passionate about seeing their fellow countrywoman acknowledged for her achievement and are closely monitoring the situation.


The humor and references to INEC illustrate the skepticism and cautionary mindset prevalent among the Nigerian online community.

Calls for Prompt Updates and Transparency

Netizens have urged GWR to provide prompt updates and maintain transparency throughout the review process.

Some users jokingly warned that failure to do so would result in a social media backlash, with individuals pledging to continue the cooking marathon in the form of continuous online commentary until the matter is resolved.

Comparisons to INEC and Humorous Remarks

In light of GWR’s review process, Twitter users drew amusing comparisons to the Chairman of INEC, Prof Yakubu Mahmood, and jokingly questioned the efficiency of GWR’s investigators.

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These remarks highlight the lighthearted banter and creative expressions of frustration that characterize online conversations surrounding the issue.

The comparison to INEC, the mention of legal action, and the humor injected into the comments demonstrate the diverse range of responses from Nigerians on Twitter.


While frustrations are evident, the overall tone remains light-hearted, reflecting the unique blend of humor and social commentary often found on Nigerian social media platforms.

Overall, the controversy surrounding the review of Hilda Bassey’s cooking marathon has sparked passionate discussions and humorous exchanges on Twitter.

Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the final decision from Guinness World Records, hoping that transparency and fairness will prevail in recognizing Bassey’s remarkable achievement.


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