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Nigerian Catholic Women Urged To Always Take Proper Care Of Families

Nigerian Catholic Women Urged To Always Take Proper Care Of Families

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Nigeria – Catholic Women have been urged to take proper care of their families for a better society.

Rev. Fr. Michael Onwukike, Parish Priest St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia made the call during a homily to Catholic celebration of Mothering Sunday at the parish on April 18.

Fr. Onwukike said that womanhood was a vocation, a valuable gift which should not be toyed with.

He noted that mothers contribute immensely to their families, Church and society at large.

“In fact mothers are special. They are the pillars of the house that hold the strength of the structure.

“They make everything look so simple even in the face of domestic violence just for peace to reign in their families.

“Mother’s contributions most times go unnoticed, very invisible, yet the greatest.’’

The cleric while commending them for their passion and determination to keep their homes, expressing worries that some mothers live below expectations.

He cautioned such mothers to retrace their steps to avoid breaking up their homes.

Fr. Onwukike urged mothers like Virgin Mary to be prayer warriors in interceding for their husbands and children.

He extolled fathers, who were supportive to their wives even as he enjoined others to follow suit for peace to prevail in their families.

The cleric, then, prayed to God to bestow on mothers the grace needed to run homes effectively.

Lady Nkiru Nwokoye, President Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of the parish thanked God for the gift of motherhood.

She wondered what the world would have been like without women, noting that they had the most unique character like salt; “its presence is never remembered but its absence makes all the things tasteless’’.

“Women are financial and conflict managers, perseveringly running their homes undisturbed for the good of the family.’’

She thanked those who keep pushing for the interest of the family even as she pleaded with others to queue up to make their family standard and exemplary.

The president thanked the men folks and the youths for standing solidly behind them, noting that without them they would not have achieved anything. She, then, prayed to God to continue to bless the mothers for them to be able to carry their tasks steadfastly and diligently.

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