Nigerian Baptist Daily Encounter With God Sep 13

Nigerian Baptist Daily Encounter With God Sep 13

BH 86: The Great Physician.

RBT: Daniel 9-12.

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Isaiah 35:5, NIV

It was the time of harvest for the people of Ajero community. Their joy knew no bounds as they beheld the bountiful harvest from their land, which was uncultivable for fifteen years during which the people experienced famine because nothing significant grew on the land.

Agricultural experts then advised the farmers to fallow  the land for fifteen years. Now, their wasteland has become ablessed land.

Today’s Scripture immediately precedes chapter 34 that describes God’s vengeance on the wicked, as well as His wrath on those who oppose Him.

Here in Chapter 35, God promised to restore the fortune of His people. Prophet Isajah prophesied to the Israelites in captivity that God would do the untfathomable.

The message was that of hope to a people who were not expecting it. Having gone to captivity due to their sins, the people lost the hope of retuning to their homeland.

But God is promising them a time of restoration when the desert and the parched land will be glad, and the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. The image of God’s redemption was compared to a desert which blossomed with God’s glory, splendid to behold.

Only God can change a story of gloom and loss to that of joy and rejoicing. Are you passing through a
challenging time of pain and heartache?

Is there a problem in your life that seems insurmountable? This is not the time to lose hope; it is the time to trust God the more and expect a miracle.

If you are a child of God, rejoice in hope that God is able to replace your sorrow with joy, and your ashes with beauty.

Do not give up, your miracle is on the way.

Pray for these ordained ministers and members of their churches: Ayodele Olasunkanmi, Lagos; Isaiah O. Olateristi, Ogbomoso; Alao Elkanah, Bolorunduro; Oloyede O., Ibadan, Afolabi D.A., Agbado; Damete G. Amaehree, Obuama; Ibor Daniel, Lagos; Ige J. Ademola, Ogbomoso; Mantau A.G., Kokona.

Wisdom: God still performs miracle.

Food for Thought: The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short.

Follow-up Action: Today, reaffirm the words of God concerning your life and situation.

Prayer: Father, I am reaffirming my trust in You. Let it be to me according to Your words.

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