Nigerian 2022/2023 UK Visa Application

Nigerian 2022/2023 UK Visa Application

How Nigerians can apply for a United Kingdom visa in 2022

Are you looking for United Kingdom Visa? Learn the visa types, requirements, application form, and application process:


It is the desire of many Nigerians to travel to the United Kingdom to work, study, or even have a family vacation. However, without a visa, they are unable to realize their dream. Through this blog, we will explain how to obtain a British visa. Tell us how to obtain a UK visa. If you have any suggestions regarding this blog, please share them in the space below.

Examine the sort of visa you hold.

Utilize the UK Visas Immigration website to determine the sort of visa you must submit and the required documentation.

Each form of visa necessitates unique papers, so examine your visa type thoroughly. If your document is not written in English, you may be required to provide a translation prior to submission.

You must determine whether you meet the conditions to submit an application for the desired visa. If you are unclear about what visa is suitable for you, try our questionnaire Do you require a visa?

Visa types for the United Kingdom in 2022?

In addition to knowing how to obtain a UK visa, it is crucial to understand that there are numerous sorts of visas for visiting the UK, each geared for a specific length of stay. Therefore, let’s examine in detail the various types of visa-

Visitor Visa

A person may apply for a UK visiting visa for a variety of activities, including tourism, business, participation in artistic and athletic events, transit through the UK, private medical treatment, etc. This is the essential class. Request a UK business visa.

Work Visa

Generally, a work visa is required to explore employment opportunities in the UK. Work visas are distinct from business visas and are further subdivided based on the type of work a person wishes to perform in the United Kingdom.

Student visa

Many students from India aspire to study in the United Kingdom. The government of the United Kingdom issues student visas to all international students who wish to study there. There are also three categories of student visas for the United Kingdom: Short Term Study-Visa (for short-term courses and valid for 6 to 12 months), Tier 4 (Child Student), and Tier 4 (students older than 16 years).

Prepare your paperwork for UK Visa

For each document you submit, you must provide both the original and a photocopy.

This document contains a copy of the biodata page of your passport (the page containing your photo). If you do not give a copy of each document, the original document may not be returned to you.

Passport A copy of the visa application form that has been completed and signed
Latest and valid travel documents or passports (your passport must contain at least 1 blank page on both sides so that we can place your visa)
Two-color, passport-sized photos in compliance with our photo specifications.
If you are not a citizen of the nation in which you are applying, you must provide evidence of permission to be there.
An old passport to demonstrate your travel history.
Evidence of your marital status.
Including letters of marriage, civil partnership letters (same-sex marital nuptials), divorce decrees, and death certificates.
Documentation of your present work or studies
Detailed travel plans, if available.
Include the registration fee. Your application cost will not be reimbursed, even if it is denied.
Identification cards, evidence of employment, a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in the United Kingdom, or a proposed itinerary are required for entry into the United Kingdom. Consult the website of the visa office responsible for your nation or region for further details.
Evidence proving you have sufficient funds for your trip to the United Kingdom. Depending on the conditions of your visit, the length of your stay, and whether you will be staying in a hotel or with friends and family, the amount of money may vary.
The British visa office in Nigeria can provide additional information.

If you transmit papers in a language other than English, you must include a full translation that we can independently verify.

Each translation document must contain:

Date of translation; translator’s full name and signature; translator contact information.
Submit your application for a United Kingdom visa with
Submit online
Visit the UK Visas and Immigration website to apply for your visa when you are ready.
Ensure you keep a complete record of your travel history, including supporting documentation for each trip.
If you are applying for a visa on behalf of your family or other relatives, you will also need their personal information and travel history.
Pay the required visa fee

After submitting an application and choosing an appointment, you must pay for a visa.

This must be done online as part of your submission to

If you do not possess a credit or debit card, you can choose a person to pay on your behalf.

Or, some visa application centers offer this service for a cost.

Determine whether the visa application center you select offers services.

Select your service

Choose Your UK Visa Application Service for 2020: After paying the visa fee, a reference number will be issued. It begins with GWF. Once you have the number, you can use a range of by TLS to customize future visits to the visa submission center.

Upload your supplemental files

Upload your supporting documents for United Kingdom for free. Visa for Nigeria

Official website allows you to submit papers supporting visa applications and personal information digitally, from the comfort of your home, school, or business, eliminating the need to mail vital paperwork to UK Visas and Immigration.

Important Links

Visit the UK visa application center for Nigeria

Attend your appointment

You must attend an appointment to apply for a visa. You cannot send someone to represent you.

Arrive fifteen minutes early

If you are applying for a visa through “Access UK,” you must present the following documents. Please bring the first page of your visa application form if you submit it through the Visa4UK website.

Please bring a valid passport or other travel document with at least one blank page on both sides.

Please upload your documents privately or, if you have paid for our document scanning help service, bring your original documents or high-quality photocopies to the visa application facility;

You will be required to provide fingerprints and photographs at the visa application center. This practice is known as the gathering of biometric data.

A digital finger scanner will collect 10 fingerprint samples, and you will snap a photo. The digital finger scanner does not utilize ink, liquid, or chemicals and will not leave any traces on your finger.

Your images will be shot with your whole face in view, and you are not permitted to wear sunglasses or normal glasses or cover your head, unless for religious or medical reasons. Your face must be free of hair that obscures your eyes.

Ensure that your fingertips are devoid of any decorations, injuries, scratches, or other marks that could compromise your ability to give good finger scans.

If you are applying for a visa for a kid under 5 years old, they must be present when you submit the visa application file, but their biometric information will not be collected.

Your visa application cannot be processed without Biometric data information.

Track the status of your submission

If your decision has been returned to the visa application center, you will receive an email. If you cannot readily access e-mail or desire more detailed tracking information, you may also select optional enhancements and receive SMS updates sent directly to your mobile device.

Return to the visa application center to get your paperwork.
After a decision has been made about your visa application, you can collect your documents at the visa application facility.
Choose whether to collect the documents yourself, send representatives to retrieve them, or have them sent by courier.
Bringing documents in person; carry a receipt issued by the visa application center and a government-issued identity card.
Send representatives to obtain your documents; they must bring a signed power of attorney, the receipt issued by the visa application center, and government-issued identification.

Visit frequently for further Visa Application Updates for the United Kingdom.

UK Visa Status

How to Obtain a British Visa After submitting the necessary documents, the applicant has the option of receiving them by mail or visiting the VAC to collect them in person. While completing the visa application form, the applicant may enter a valid mobile number and/or email address to get notifications regarding the visa application.

UK Visa Application FAQ
How can I obtain a British visa from Nigeria?

You can obtain a UK visa from Nigeria.

Filling Out the Application
Pay for Britain Fee for Visa Processing
Schedule an Interview Appointment
Move Your Documents
Move Your Documents
Timing of UK Tourist Visa Processing
Travel Insurance for the United Kingdom
What types of UK visas are there?

Types of British Visa

Visas for the Family
Family Reunion Visa Ancestry Visa Settlement Visa
Returning Resident Visa
Transit Visa Investor Visa
Entrepreneur Visa
Graduate Entrepreneur Visa Work Visa Study Visa
Visitor Visa
Marriage Visa
Tourist Visa
Medical Visa
Spouse Visa
How long can I visit the United Kingdom without a visa?

Under the United Kingdom’s new points-based immigration system, you can continue to visit the country without a visa. In most situations, you can remain for up to six months.

Can I acquire a UK Visa on Arrival?

No, there is no Visa on Arrival option for Nigerian passport holders coming to the United Kingdom at this time.



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