Nigel Nelson warns MPs to be careful with their words as it can be fata

Nigel Nelson warns MPs to be careful with their words as it can be fata

...By Gift BADEWO for TDPel Media.

The Power of Words: A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

The author recounts an experience in Grenada during a military coup where he had a close call with language.


As a foreign correspondent, he was arrested by revolutionary guards, held at gunpoint, and almost shot.

In a moment of frustration, he cursed at the guards and demanded to see someone in authority, not realizing that the man who appeared was the prime minister.

The author learned the importance of being mindful of his language in tense situations.

Nigel Nelson issues a warning to MPs over their language

The Danger of Reckless Language

The author’s experience in Grenada taught him a valuable lesson about the power of language.

He recognizes that words can have as much impact as physical violence, and that using the wrong words in the wrong situation can have disastrous consequences.

He warns against the dangers of carelessly demonizing communities or stoking up hatred, and points out that the wrong words can cost lives.


Examples of Reckless Language

The author cites several examples of politicians who have been careless with their language.

Keir Starmer accused Rishi Sunak of wanting to keep child abusers out of jail, a baseless accusation.

Boris Johnson has been cavalier with his words as well, accusing Sir Keir of not prosecuting Jimmy Saville when the decision was out of his hands.

The author also criticizes Suella Braverman for using inflammatory language about illegal migrants and ignoring the fact that group-based child sexual exploitation offenders are most commonly white.


The author’s experience in Grenada serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of being mindful of language.

His encounter with the prime minister taught him to take care with his words in tense situations.

He implores politicians and leaders to be more responsible with their language, and to recognize that the words they use can have real-world consequences.

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