Nicola Sturgeon was last night accused of a ‘self-indulgent waste of time’ as she announced plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence next year

Nicola Sturgeon was last night accused of a ‘self-indulgent waste of time’ as she announced plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence next year

Nicola Sturgeon was criticized yesterday night for her announcement of a second Scottish independence vote for the next year, calling it a “self-indulgent waste of time.”

Despite not receiving approval from the UK government, the SNP leader announced she would still hold another vote on October 19, 2023.

Miss Sturgeon argued that young people had been “robbed of opportunity” and that Scotland had “paid a price” for remaining a part of the UK.

In the Scottish Parliament, she revealed her most recent scheme to split the UK, saying, “Now is the time for independence.”

She did, however, make a huge backpedal when she said she would not organize a wildcat vote if the judges denied her request.

According to the terms of Scotland’s devolution agreement, Miss Sturgeon requires the UK government’s approval to legally organize an independence referendum.

According to Downing Street, Boris Johnson will decline to allow a vote that was only eight years ago to be rerun.

Instead, Miss Sturgeon will now request guidance from the Supreme Court over her ability to organize a “consultative” referendum on the same issue: “Should Scotland be a sovereign nation?”

If it turns out that this government cannot legally allow the Scots to vote on independence in a referendum, she declared, “My party will campaign in the UK general election on this one issue.”

The head of the Scottish Tories, Douglas Ross, called Miss Sturgeon’s remarks “a theatrical, self-indulgent, irresponsible waste of time” and vowed to abstain from all voting.

When there is actual work to be done, we won’t participate in a make-believe poll, he declared.

Anas Sarwar, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party, argued that it was inappropriate to raise contentious constitutional questions when the nation was still recovering from the pandemic.

He claimed that “partisan Nicola,” who “wants to divide our country… and pursue a referendum two-thirds of Scots don’t want right now,” had taken the place of “pandemic Nicola.”

The Scottish first minister was advised by Mr. Johnson to concentrate on the economy and the cost of living because doing so would make the UK a “stronger country united.”

The Scottish government’s and our priority should continue to be cooperating with a relentless focus on the issues we know matter to people across the country, according to our position, which has not changed, according to a No. 10 spokesman.

The prime minister continues to believe that now is not the time to be discussing a second referendum.

The “No” campaign won the latest vote by a 55:45 margin in 2014. The SNP said at the time that it was a “once in a generation” opportunity to remove Scotland from the UK.

Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain, the highest ranking lawyer in Scotland, will now submit the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill to the UK Supreme Court.

Miss Sturgeon admitted that obtaining agreement was the only way to “beyond dispute” the validity of the referendum.

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