Newcastle stalker jailed for longer

Newcastle stalker jailed for longer

A Newcastle stalker has had his sentence increased following intervention by the Solicitor General, The Rt Hon Lucy Frazer QC MP.

Dipu Ahad, 41, abused his position of trust to stalk his victim over a period of several months in 2019.

The victim, who had been the victim of cyberstalking at the hands of her ex-husband, turned to Ahad for help, in his role as local councillor and friend. While Ahad pretended to help the victim, emailing the police regarding the investigation into her ex-husband, he stalked her in a way that would lead her ex-husband to be blamed.

The offender set up fake social media accounts in the name of the victim and contacted her friends, relatives, and colleagues. He also impersonated various officials with false claims including police and immigration officers when contacting her family members. On one occasion he defaced the victim’s car with chalk paint.

Ahad pleaded guilty to one count of stalking involving serious alarm or distress. On 27 May, he was sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Crown Court.

Following a referral to the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme by the Solicitor General, on 2 July the Court found the sentence to be unduly lenient and increased it to 2 years and 4 months’ imprisonment.

After the hearing at the Court of Appeal, the Solicitor General, The Rt Hon Lucy Frazer QC MP, said:

“Dipu Ahad was trusted as a community figure and friend to the victim. Instead of supporting her he carried out a campaign of harassment while she was vulnerable. I welcome the increase to his sentence today and I hope that this brings the victim some comfort.”