New York’s oldest ferryboat, Yankee Ferry, hosts Thanksgiving

New York’s oldest ferryboat, Yankee Ferry, hosts Thanksgiving

Yankee Ferry

The Yankee Ferry, constructed in Philadelphia in 1907, predates the Titanic and is New York’s oldest ferryboat. God Bless America!

The Yankee Ferry is now inhabited by a couple who have likewise experienced popularity, success, and celebrity.

Victoria MacKenzie and Richard Childs established MacKenzie-Childs on East 57th in the 1980s. Their vivid, eccentric, and humorous dinnerware, furniture, kitchen accessories, chairs, tables, and pots became a must-have. Their pricey, one-of-a-kind, hand-tooled sculptures were so well-known that they were also sold in prestigious department stores.

Similarly to the Yankee Ferry, they confronted a finish line. Insolvency and terrible management – they were talented artists, not shrewd financiers. The store persists. The name endures. The creations still exist. Victoria MacKenzie and Richard Childs no longer exist. It has been taken over. The possession is new. It is illegal to replicate their original designs or rebrand their well-known names.

This once-famous and rich couple now resides on the remains of a long-forgotten wreck – an icon of American history.

Due to the shallowness of the waters of Manhattan, this final ferry delivered immigrants to Ellis Island. Boston Harbor was secured by its long steel hull armed with cannons and cannon. It transported World War I men to ships. It used its gun for defence. It stood guard in search of torpedoes. It brought the Hearsts, wealthy individuals, VIPs, and government officials to Liberty Island.

Now moored on Staten Island, I was on this now-rotted, wood-warped, rope-torn veteran ship. The wreckage of the bunks, hammocks, and empty trunks of its sixteen-member crew. The label on a container on deck reads “Black Bear Glue 1888.”

It’s SOS time

Victoria and Richard prepared Thanksgiving dinner for their family on the upper deck of this historical vessel. Served on exquisite one-of-a-kind platters, plates, mugs, glasses, a table, and a chair that they were able to salvage.

This ship — is this how American history is to be treated? Is this how we will treat our elderly? Should the United States not respect and honor its veterans?

Staten Island could use a tourist attraction. A peek into the past. Another reason to visit this municipality. This establishment is a museum.

Does no senator, representative, or politician recognize that we are ignoring a treasure? And having tasted Victoria’s home-baked (or ship’s kitchen-baked) cake, how about her turning it into a tea shop?

Who’s paying attention?

IN THE legendary stutter of our eternal Chump of State Biden: “The first thing I’m doing next year to combat the recession is removing all the welfare recipients from soup kitchens.”

»New York’s oldest ferryboat, Yankee Ferry, hosts Thanksgiving«

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