New NPA ID leader to be announced soon

New NPA ID leader to be announced soon

“After a challenging set-up phase, the NPA’s Investigating Directorate (ID) is entering a new phase of impact under new leadership that will be appointed soon.”

“With the right skills and resources to deliver on its mandate to tackle the most complex crimes, with a prosecution-guided investigation model.”

The Minister also said law enforcement agencies were now collaborating with the Financial Intelligence Centre to combat financial crimes.

Which include the DPCI, the NPA’s Asset Forfeiture Unit, Specialised Commercial Crime Unit, Investigations Directorate, Financial Sector Conduct Authority, Special Investigating Unit, Crime Intelligence, SSA, the South African Reserve Bank and South African Revenue Service  have issued 55 high priority financial intelligence reports that have been used to identify high-priority investigations.”

Modise further said law enforcement agencies were turning the screws on fraud and corruption in the country.

“Despite the challenges, including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public will have seen that the wheels of justice, in relation to corruption, are starting to move more quickly and effectively.

“A number of notable arrests and court processes have been initiated in recent weeks, involving accused persons in the public and private sectors, including priority State capture matters.

“The efforts by law enforcement and criminal justice agencies are indeed starting to pay off, and more will be achieved when all are adequately capacitated to meet the extreme challenges of addressing State capture and high-level complex corruption,” she said.

Modise said the JCPS Cluster is in full support of investigations into all those implicated in corruption and fraud.

“All those who are implicated and benefited unlawfully from State capture corruption and corruption related to the procurement of personal protective equipment must face the full might of the law.