Netflix documentary on Harry and Meghan puts the royal family at risk from extremists

Netflix documentary on Harry and Meghan puts the royal family at risk from extremists

Meghan and Harry’s Netflix series has put the Royal family at risk from extremists, according to the former Met police officer who oversaw their safety.

Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary came out on very early on Thursday morning at 8am
Dai Davies stated that some of the couple’s claims on the program would have constituted a “credible threat.”

Mr. Davies, an expert in security and investigation, stated that the risk was triggered by the duo’s show criticizing their family on the basis of race.

He stated, “Because their narrative has been tied to race to the extent that it has, extremist members of the ‘taking the knee’ contingent may target members of the Royal family.

The Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary was released at 8am on Thursday morning.

Former head of Royal Protection Dai Davies stated that the document’s racial allegations posed a “credible threat.”

I believe it could create a small fraction of people who might. I believe it to be a credible threat.

A few of people believe Meghan can walk on water.Former Head of Royal Protection Dai Davies said race claims in doc had raised 'credible threat'

“I’ve always said that obsessive individuals pose a larger threat than terrorists,” he remarked in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

Mr. Davies was previously the head of Royal Protection and a division commander for the Metropolitan Police Service.

The Duke of Sussex stated that his family’s opinion of his wife was “clouded” by the fact that she is an American actress.

In 1995, he was named Operational Unit Commander in charge of Royal Protection for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.

During his tenure, the senior officer was responsible for Palace and Personal Protection.Former Head of Royal Protection Dai Davies said race claims in doc had raised 'credible threat'

He mentioned recent occurrences in which eggs were thrown at King Charles as evidence that attitudes against the Royals had hardened.

After its debut at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, the series about Harry and Meghan has been met with varied reactions.

The Duke revealed that his family questioned why Meghan need greater protection than previous royals.Meghan and Harry early in their relationship. The Duke of Sussex has said his wife being an American actress "clouded" his family's view of her.

He stated that they did not comprehend the ‘racial issue’ and suffered from a ‘great amount of unconscious bias’

Meghan appears to execute a highly exaggerated curtsey when describing her first meeting with the Queen, while Harry looks awkwardly.

Mark Jenkinson, a Conservative member of parliament, deemed the bow to be egregiously improper and the height of contempt.

George R Franks, a former police officer and associate professor at Stephen F Austin University in Texas, also raised reservations about the documentary.Meghan appears to perform a deeply exaggerated curtsey recounting what it was like when she first met the Queen, while her husband Harry watches on awkwardly

He stated, “I have been observing their increasingly tenacious assault on the royals’ character and the institution of the monarchy with growing concern for the safety of the “working royals” and the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales over the past many months.

“I am familiar with instances in which persons have done or attempted to commit violent crimes in favor of the cause of a person for whom they have grown devoted and protective.”Tory MP Mark Jenkinson thought the bow was incredibly wrong and the pinnacle of disrespect

All it would take is for one individual to become preoccupied with establishing Harry as the heir apparent for a tragic conclusion to occur.

Numerous segments of the couple’s documentary have evoked strong feelings on both sides of the debate.

Prince Harry was criticized on Friday for not preventing his wife from doing an extravagant curtsey, which was said to have “mocked the Queen.”

Mark Jenkinson, a member of the Conservative Party, was unable to remain mute about the rogue bow, which was part of the serial released to the world yesterday morning.

Husband and father of four After the curtsey occurred, Mr. Jenkinson, 40, appeared to imply that Harry should have prevented or defended the Queen in some way.

He tweeted to his 12,800 followers, “The greatest treachery.” And he does nothing except observe’

The personal chef of Princess Diana was also motivated to criticize Meghan as the controversy surrounding the deed intensified.

Darren McGrady, who cooked for the late Queen, Diana, William, and Harry for fifteen years, disapproved of certain aspects of the program.

In response to the Duke of Sussex’s assertion that his wife resembled his late mother, Mr. McGrady stated, “Your wife will never resemble your mother.” I knew Diana for fifteen years. Not even close.’

The representatives of Meghan and Harry did not reply to inquiries for comment on Mr. Davies’ allegations.


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