NECO Physics Practical 2021 Questions & Answer For Free

NECO Physics Practical 2021 Questions & Answer For Free

NECO Physics Practical 2021 Questions & Answer For Free

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NECO Physics Practical Questions and Answers 2021. Checkout the NECO Examination Physics Practical 2021 Questions and Answers today. Earlier on we share with you the physics practical specimen as released by the National examination council. We understand that most science students find it difficult when it comes to practical. But the truth is that you can not run away from it. For you to have good NECO result in  Physics examination, you are required to pass the NECO practical physics examination.

In this page, we are going to share with you the Physics Practical question paper 2021 and the answers. The physics practical questions usually comprise of  questions from: Optics, Electricity and Mechanics.

Feel relax as we share this NECO practical physics questions & answers and the needed precaution.

Latest NECO Physics Practical Questions and Answers 2021:


Question 1
– Retort Stand
– Split cork
– Spiral spring
– Mass hanger weighing 50g
– Four 20g slotted masses
– Stop clock or watch
– One metre rule
Question 2
– Four optical pins
– Four thumb pins
– Plain sheet/drawing paper
– Plain mirror
– Mirror holder
– 30cm ruler
– Drawing board
Question 3
– 2 Ω covered and labelled X
– Resistance box
– Key/switch
– Ammeter 0-2 A
– Accumulator of 2 V or two dry cells each of e.m.f 1.5 V
– Connecting wires

NECO Physics Practical 2021 QuestionsNECO Physics Practical 2021 Questions & Answer For Free

i. You have been provided with a retort stand, clamp and boss. a set of masses, a spiral spring, stop watch, split cork and other necessary  apparatus. use the  diagram above as a guide, carry out the following instructions

ii. Suspend the spiral spring vertically as shown in the diagram

iii. suspend a mass hanger on the free end of the spiral spring and add a mass m=50.0g to the hanger. pull the hanger gently downwards and release to set it into vertical oscillations.

iv. Determine the time t for 20 complete oscillations

v. evaluate the period T, of the oscillation. Also evaluate T^2

vi. Repeat the procedure for four other values of m= 70, 90, 110 and 130g. in Each case, determine t and evaluate T and T^2. Tabulate your readings

vii. Plot a graph of T^ on the vertical axis against m on the horizontal axis.

viii. Determine the slope, s, of the graph and the intercept, l, on the vertical axis.

The rest of the NECO practical questions are uploaded below with the answers


NECO Physics Practical Question and Answers 2

the question is provided below as an attachment.

neco physics practical questions and answers 2021

This Physics question have  is the no 3 questions in the neco exam physics practical questions.  the complete questions is attached below.

neco exam physics question continue


NECO Physics Practical 2021 Answers

Below is the answer to physics practical question 1 and 3 as released in the question papers.

physics practical question 2 for neco1.physics practical question 2 for necophysics practical question 2 for necophysics practical question 2 for necoNECO Exam Physics Practical Questions and Answers 2021 Part 3physics practical question 2 for neco

R ( N ) – | 2 .00 | | 4 .00 | | 6 .00 | | 8 .00 | | 10 .00 |
1 (A ) – | 2 .85 | | 2 .21 | | 2 .00 | | 1 .75 | | 1 .65 |
R ^ – 1 – | 1 .05 | | 0 .25 | | 0 .17 | | 0 .13 | | 0 .10 |

i)i ensured clean terminals
ii)i avioved zero error on the ammeter used
iii)i ensured tight connection of all wires
ohm’s law states that the current flowing through a metallic conductor is proportional to its portential difference provided that physical condition is constant i.e V x I
slope(s) = DR^-1/DI = 0.25-0.10/2.21-1.65
intercept c = -0.35
1/C = 1/-0.35


Please note that the answers presented in this post is a guide to the forth coming national examination council NECO  exam physics practical. We have prepared it to aid the student in preparing for the practical. If you have any question about the NECO 2021 Physics Practical questions and answers, kindly let us know in the comment box


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