National Guard member arrested for leaking classified US documents after panicked final call to friends

National Guard member arrested for leaking classified US documents after panicked final call to friends

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

A 21-year-old airman named Jack Teixeira was arrested and charged under the Espionage Act of 1917 after being accused of sharing classified military documents with a tight-knit group of teenagers and young men.


Just before his arrest, Teixeira sent a final message to the group members, saying that he loves them all and prayed that the situation would never occur.

He added that only God could decide what happens from then on.

CNN reports that he had always been fascinated with anything military-related and wanted to join the military since he was a child.

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Teixeira was serving in the same wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard as his stepfather, Master Sgt. Thomas P. Dufault, had retired from four years ago.

His mother, Dawn Teixeira, posted on Facebook on Veteran’s Day 2021 a tribute to her husband, stepson, father-in-law, and son Jack, all of whom had served in the armed forces.

According to some of Teixeira’s colleagues and peers, he had a long-standing fascination with the military, carrying a textbook on military vehicles, and carrying a dictionary-sized book on guns.

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Some of his schoolmates were wary of him, with one of them recalling that he was more of a loner, and his fascination with war and guns made him off-putting to a lot of people.

Teixeira was enlisted in the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard at Otis Air National Guard Base as a Cyber Transport Systems journeyman.

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The Air Force states that such specialists ensure that the service’s vast, global communications network works properly.

The leak of classified information was described as a deliberate, criminal act by the Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

Congressman Mike Turner, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has vowed to examine why this happened, why it went unnoticed for weeks, and how to prevent future leaks.


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