National Conservatism Conference Criticizes Graphic Sex Education Taught by “Rainbow Activists”

National Conservatism Conference Criticizes Graphic Sex Education Taught by “Rainbow Activists”

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Outsourcing of Sex Education to “Rainbow Activists” Criticized at National Conservatism Conference


At the National Conservatism conference in London, James Orr, the conference organizer, expressed concerns about the outsourcing of sex education to what he described as “rainbow activists.”

He claimed that these activists are exposing children to explicit material.

Orr emphasized the importance of “the intact family” as the ideal environment for raising virtuous citizens.

He argued that authoritarian regimes have historically targeted families and criticized the influence of norms and narratives imported from the United States.

James Orr’s speech at the National Conservatism conference highlights his opposition to the current approach to sex education, linking it to the influence of external sources and questioning the graphic nature of the material being taught.

Controversy Surrounding Sex Education Outsourcing


Orr further criticized the outsourcing of sex education, suggesting that it has been entrusted to radical rainbow activists.

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He claimed that these activists refuse to disclose the content being taught to children, citing commercial confidentiality.

According to Orr, the material is likely too explicit to be published in national newspapers.

Conservative MP Miriam Cates has raised concerns about sex education in Parliament, and the government, led by Rishi Sunak, has initiated a review of how the subject is taught in schools.

James Orr’s remarks shed light on the controversy surrounding the outsourcing of sex education and the lack of transparency regarding the content being taught to children.

These concerns have prompted parliamentary discussions and government action to review the current approach.

Concerns over Sexualized Content and Transgenderism

Orr highlighted the presence of sexualized and misogynistic portrayals of femininity in schools and public libraries through events like “drag queen story hour.”

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He also criticized what he called the “cargo cult of transgenderism,” arguing that it is causing harm to young and vulnerable individuals while corrupting the medical profession.

James Orr’s comments reflect his concerns about the influence of sexualized content on young individuals and the impact of transgender issues.

He sees these developments as detrimental to the well-being of children and as having negative effects on the medical field.

Calls for a Conservative Approach Based on Freedom and Commitment

Orr called for a conservatism based on freedom, anchored by a commitment to religion, family, and the nation.

He argued that countries that prioritize their majority religion tend to treat minority faiths better.

Additionally, he advocated for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights, proposing stronger immigration controls and referring to the potential move as “Strexit.”

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James Orr’s speech encapsulates his vision of conservatism, which he believes should emphasize individual freedom while upholding traditional values and national identity.


His call for stronger immigration controls and withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights reflects his views on national sovereignty.

Accusations of Betrayal by the Conservative Party on Immigration

In his speech, Orr accused the Conservative Party of betraying their 2019 electorate regarding immigration.

He warned that if net migration reached 1 million people, it would constitute a significant betrayal of the electorate’s trust.

James Orr’s criticism of the Conservative Party’s stance on immigration highlights his perception of a disconnect between the party’s actions and the expectations of the electorate.

He considers a substantial increase in net migration to be a breach of trust with voters.


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