Napoli’s Strategic Move: Breaking Salary Cap to Retain Nigerian Star Victor Osimhen

Napoli’s Strategic Move: Breaking Salary Cap to Retain Nigerian Star Victor Osimhen

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Napoli, the newly crowned champions of the Italian Serie A, are reportedly willing to exceed their salary cap in order to keep Nigerian international Victor Osimhen at the club for another season.


This strategic move aims to fend off interest from other European teams and safeguard one of their top assets.

“Cavani-Style Formula” for Osimhen:

According to Italian publication La Repubblica, Napoli is considering offering Osimhen a lucrative deal described as a “Cavani-style formula.”

This proposal involves offering the player improved wages while also agreeing to let him join another club after the 2023-2024 season.

By doing so, Napoli intends to protect their interests in Osimhen for the immediate future.

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Breaking the Salary Structure:

This strategy would require Napoli to break their standard pay structure, which has a salary cap of €3.5 million per year.

The club is willing to make an exception for Osimhen due to his exceptional performances and promising potential.


This decision reflects their desire to retain a player who played a crucial role in their long-awaited Scudetto victory after 33 years.

Setback for Interested Clubs:

Napoli’s announcement of their plan comes as a blow to other clubs, particularly Chelsea, who have reportedly initiated talks to potentially sign Osimhen this summer.

It is believed that Chelsea was considering a player-plus-cash offer to lure the talented striker to Stamford Bridge.

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Maintaining Success and Champions League Ambitions:

Retaining Osimhen is seen as vital for Napoli to successfully defend their Scudetto title and compete at the highest level in the Champions League next season.

With Osimhen’s impressive record of 23 league goals in 29 games, Napoli recognizes his significance to their team’s success and is determined to keep him within their ranks.


Napoli’s willingness to break their salary cap to retain Victor Osimhen demonstrates their commitment to building a strong and competitive squad.

By offering him an improved contract and the possibility of a future transfer, they aim to secure his services for the immediate future while also ensuring their own long-term interests.

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This move also sends a message to rival clubs, particularly Chelsea, that Napoli is not willing to let go of their prized asset easily.


The decision to retain Osimhen reflects Napoli’s ambition to continue their recent success and make a significant impact in European competitions, such as the Champions League.

With Osimhen’s goal-scoring prowess and contribution to the team, Napoli recognizes the value he brings and is determined to retain his services.

By doing so, they aim to strengthen their squad and maintain their position as one of Italy’s top football clubs.


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