My Love for Younger Men Has Cost Me My Friendships

My Love for Younger Men Has Cost Me My Friendships

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

A woman’s desire for younger men has caused her to become estranged from her friends and family, according to an article in the Daily Star.


Two friends have branded her “disgusting” while three have stopped taking her calls altogether.

Even her daughter’s godmother crossed the street to avoid her.

Despite being advised to date men her own age, the woman remains committed to dating younger men, stating that she is free to date anyone she fancies.

Stock image of an older woman flirting with a younger bloke
Stock image of an older woman flirting with a younger bloke

She feels more compatible with men who are sexually experienced and have no inhibitions, enjoying their energy, spontaneity, and lust for life.

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She has danced with male models, flirted with fitness fanatics, had sex on the beach with beach bums, and enjoyed the attention of bad boys.

The woman is currently interested in a young barista who serves coffee at a local shop and hopes they will become serious.


Her family has branded her a “tart” after she brought a young friend to a family party.

Commentary: While everyone has the right to choose their partners, it is essential to consider the feelings of loved ones.

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The woman should communicate with her family and friends about her relationship preferences and the importance of being safe in her sexual practices.

In addition, it may be helpful for her to engage in activities that do not revolve around her dating life to repair her relationships.


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