My “demon” tattoos and fangs assisted me in surviving my abusive relationship

My “demon” tattoos and fangs assisted me in surviving my abusive relationship

Orylan, a stripper and OnlyFans celebrity, claims that despite the fact that her bodily alterations may worry some, they assisted her in escaping a bad relationship.

Orylan stated that she is frequently referred to as a “devil” or “vampire” because of her tattoos — even on her eyes — piercings, modified teeth, and tongue, but that they serve as a reminder that she is not the same person she was in her previous relationship.

The Texas lady told the “Soft White Underbelly” podcast that her appearance is the exact opposite of what he desired for her, which was “hair short and blonde.”

“He didn’t want me to have any tattoos,” she acknowledged, recounting a tale in which he encouraged her to get a tattoo of his name and then called her “dumb” for falling for his ruse.

“This man wrecked my outlook on life and would harm me,” she stated. “Every day was a constant reminder that I wasn’t the person he expected me to be based on how I previously seemed.”

After her 21st birthday, Orylan launched her OnlyFans account and began dancing in a strip club. In a TikTok video, she displayed her jaw-dropping metamorphosis.

“These are the portraits my father has hung in his home for me,” she chuckled, enlarging the two pictures. One exhibits lighter hair and no visible tattoos while smiling for the camera.

The second image is more recent and displays Orylan’s black hair and facial alterations.

“Before and after,” she made light of the situation.

Orylan, who began receiving body alterations at age 15 and tattoos in 2014, says she has no regrets about her lifestyle choices, including her permanent eye tattoos.

“I know it sounds trite, but I don’t live my life with regrets since you only live once,” she explained.


»My “demon” tattoos and fangs assisted me in surviving my abusive relationship«

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