Mummified body is discovered by police in Peru

Mummified body is discovered by police in Peru

A mummified body, believed to be up to 800 years old, was discovered by police in Peru inside a cooler bag carried by a food deliveryman who referred to the ancient corpse as his “spiritual girlfriend,” whom he had nicknamed “Juanita.” Photos released by the Ministry of Culture of Peru showed the well-preserved body in a fetal position inside a red bag with the logo of the popular Uruguayan takeout app Pedidos Ya. The discovery was made when the deliveryman was seen drinking beer at an archaeological site in Puno, Peru, and police were called to the scene.

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In an interview with a local news outlet, the deliveryman, Julio Cesar Bermejo, stated that he had been sharing his room with the mummy, having mistakenly assumed it was female. He explained that he had been taking care of it, treating it like his “spiritual girlfriend.” Bermejo revealed that his father had given him the mummy, which had been in their family for 30 years, but did not explain how or where his father had obtained the artifact.

Experts determined that the mummy was not a woman, but rather an adult male measuring at 4 feet, 11 inches tall, who had died around age 45 between 600 and 800 years ago. The deliveryman denied attempting to sell the mummy and claimed that he had taken it out of the house to show his friends. However, he and his two friends were detained on suspicion of crimes against Peru’s cultural heritage.

»Mummified body is discovered by police in Peru«

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