MPs Losing Whip, Boris Johnson’s Regrets, Art and Events in London, Maya Jama and Amina Muaddi’s Dinner

MPs Losing Whip, Boris Johnson’s Regrets, Art and Events in London, Maya Jama and Amina Muaddi’s Dinner

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

MPs continue to lose their whip in Westminster, with Diane Abbott being the latest Labour MP suspended after minimising racism and prejudice in a letter to a newspaper.


There are currently 16 independent MPs in total who have lost the whip, including Matt Hancock, who was disciplined for going on I’m a Celebrity.

Tim Bale, a professor of politics at Queen Mary London, says that it is a new trend, and that leaders are parking the problem in the hopes that these MPs don’t seek re-election.

We may see more of this in the future.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke at a London Q&A this week and expressed his regret over not getting to know the 109 new Tory MPs from his 2019 win better.

He wishes he had made more of an effort to stop them from doing anything “foolish” and feels that his lack of interaction contributed to the 41% of Tory MPs who voted against him in a confidence vote last summer.

Two exhibitions with the same name, “After Impressionism,” are taking place in different countries at the same time, but they were meant to be a collaboration.


Art fans are flocking to the National Gallery’s exhibition in London, while the same show at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow features Monets and Renoirs.

However, the war in Ukraine has prevented the two exhibitions from working together.

The UK’s church bells were supposed to ring for the Coronation, but there are not enough bell-ringers in the country for the 38,000 bells.

However, some bell-ringers are stepping up, like Kate Eden from Islington, who started bell-ringing this year to take part in Ring for the King at her local church.

Maya Jama, a presenter, attended a dinner hosted by fashion designer Amina Muaddi at The Twenty Two in Mayfair.

Meanwhile, AJ Odudu, another presenter, met up with model Oliver Cheshire at the opening of new hotel art’otel at Battersea Power Station.

Alex Scott, a former footballer, also attended, while presenter Vick Hope DJ’d.

In White City, civil servant turned reality TV star Zara McDermott went to the launch of a new Forever New shop at Westfield.


Analysis and Commentaries:

The trend of MPs losing the whip is concerning, as it reflects poorly on the political parties they represent and indicates that there is a growing number of MPs who do not follow the party line or are mavericks.

This trend could lead to more MPs being cast adrift in the future, with leaders hoping they won’t seek re-election.

Boris Johnson’s regret over not getting to know new Tory MPs better is a reflection of the challenges of leadership and management, particularly in a large organization such as a political party.

This regret can serve as a reminder that it is crucial for leaders to build relationships and connections with their team members to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.

The art exhibitions that were meant to be a collaboration between two countries but were disrupted by the war in Ukraine demonstrate how conflicts can impact culture and art.

It also shows the potential of collaboration to bring people together and celebrate art regardless of political conflicts.

The lack of bell-ringers for the Coronation is an example of how tradition is still important in the UK, and how it is upheld by people who value their heritage and national identity.


Finally, the events attended by Maya Jama, AJ Odudu, Oliver Cheshire, Vick Hope, Alex Scott, and Zara McDermott are a reminder that celebrities and public figures can use their platform to support different causes and industries, from fashion to art.

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