Moudi Tajjour, ex-Nomads manager, taunted Mongol opponents on TikTok

Moudi Tajjour, ex-Nomads manager, taunted Mongol opponents on TikTok

Just six weeks after being brutally beaten in a public parking lot, former Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour exploded on social media to mock the leader of the Mongols.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Tajjour made fun of Nick “The Knife” Forbes, the president of the Mongol nation.

He said, “These people aren’t real gangsters; they’re not a danger to me. I’m confronting ’em.”

“Treat me to dinner for what I said. Go on.

I am aware that you are watching, Nick. By the end of the f…king year, I swear to you, you’ll know my voice better than you do your own missus’.

I’m calling you a dog and a junky, after all. You will need to take action, Nicky.

I’m back where I used to live (in Parramatta). Now Nick, what defense do you have? You can’t claim that you don’t know where he is because you’re not from Sydney; I just told you where I live.

“Go ahead, call me out for what I said. Nick, I am certain that you want to.

The attack on Taijour by four highly tattooed guys on December 4 outside a Bunnings store on the Gold Coast happened only a few weeks prior to the release of the footage.

There is no indication that Forbes took part.

Ex-Nomads boss Moudi Tajjour has re emerged on TikTok to taunt Mongol rivals 

Videos captured at the scene show Taijour having his shirt torn off as four guys drag, kick, punch, and stomp on him.

Where’s your podcast now, dog? yelled his attackers as they fled, leaving the 38-year-old former bikie leader curled up on the pavement.

Taijour said a “steroid head” had suddenly assaulted him and hit him from behind.

After the event, he remarked, “I was f***ing on my phone, I glanced up and was dog-shot.”

In relation to the incident, 31-year-old Harley Cranston has been charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Taijour said in the video that following the altercation, police were sent to his home.

He said that police had informed him that the Mongols wanted him to be aware that Cranston had “done without the consent of his club.”

I’m not going after youse, I swear on the Koran, he responded, adding, “Listen, I don’t want to hear it.”

You don’t need to transfer homes or do anything similar. Youse wished for my rebirth. I’ve since gone live.

Taijour stated that when a fight broke out between him and Cranston at a boat ramp, Mongol bikers were sent.

He answered, “I couldn’t take off; I’d rather be pummeled.”

I’m not able to leave, dude. Running is not something I would do. I put down my phone, did my best to get away from them, and then I saw that they were all staring at me.

I decided that I would attempt to escape this circumstance since I didn’t want things to worsen and get unpleasant. And so it was.

“If I’ve learnt anything from beating up so many people in prison, it’s how to cover it,” I said.

I won’t mention their identity, but I could have simply messaged the Nomads or another team.

Hopefully a few Mongols are watching, and they are welcome to contact me at any time. I’ll drop my location, as I’ve told you many times.

Since quitting the Nomads in 2019, Taijour has gained a following on TikTok and Instagram, where he posts an eye-catching picture and talks about life as a biker.

Tajjour threatened retaliation immediately after the beating but then took back the threats.

As far as I’m concerned, the Mongol club is beneath my shoe, Taijour said.

These men “fight on in bars,” according to the bluers. These individuals are not really gangsters. I’m putting them to the test since they pose no danger to me.

In the sometimes incoherent video, Taijour inexplicably said that by the end of the year, Forbes would “know my voice better than you know your own missus.”

Harley Cranston, a 31-year-old man from Park Ridge, is the only person to far to appear in court on assault charges associated with Taijour’s alleged attack.

»Moudi Tajjour, ex-Nomads manager, taunted Mongol opponents on TikTok«

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