Mother who murdered Logan featured in a homemade slasher movie finding the body of a dead child

Mother who murdered Logan featured in a homemade slasher movie finding the body of a dead child

Meghan and Harry were keen to show confidence on their return to the spotlight in the Netherlands, a body language expert has claimed.

Meghan, 40, and Harry, 37, arrived to cheers and applause at the Invictus Games in the Netherlands on Friday – with their Netflix film crew in tow to capture every moment.

‘His emphatic eye-crinkling and his head tilt as he smiles suggests a return to the cause and the people that he loves, while his hand-cupped self clasp hints at a small amount of trepidation and humility during this first public appearance for a while.

‘Harry also fiddles with his wedding ring here, which seems to signal how important the support of his wife and family still are to him.

‘This is a partial-barrier and partial self-comfort gesture that shows the ongoing bonds between himself and his wife Meghan.

‘His hand is on top of her in the clasp, hinting at a similar desire to lead and protect as we saw during their first public appearance many years before.

‘Meghan’s hand is cupped upward in a gesture of submission and the way Harry has his other hand stuffed into his trouser pocket suggests a desire to look casual and confident.

‘Meghan’s white pants suit might be more sophisticated than the ripped jeans and boyfriend shirt she wore back then but her hand on her heart gesture signals a desire to show and ongoing love of the public.’

James previously claimed that Harry has adopted elements of an American accent, with a rising inflection and ‘blending of words’.

Judi James said being in lockdown with Meghan Markle would have sped up his adoption of Californian English, as she also noted his ‘overkill gesticulation’ with his hands while speaking during their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

James, a leading communication and body language expert, told MailOnline: ‘Harry has been in lockdown with Meghan and he clearly adores her so it would be natural for him to pick up on some of her way of speaking, too.

‘Once lockdown ends and he is socialising with other US people I’d expect it to be even more dramatic. ‘You can see that through a couple of things, ”I” comes out as ”Ay” and when he says ”herself” he stresses the ”self”.’

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