Moshe Ndiki slides into Vladimir Putin’s DMs


Moshe shared a screenshot of a direct message sent to the Instagram account of Vladimir Putin.

In it, he shared a message to the president who has ordered a violent land invasion against Ukraine.

Translated in English, Mose posted: “Listen my brother. We as a country know nothing. My Please, I don’t want to die before my 30th birthday next week. I hope you’ll come but leave the guns behind.

“Let me know what you drink. Also, my cousin is single, I will hook you up and organise you a room. I love you my man, remember world peace”

He captioned the post: “I tried guys, but very thing else is up to the lord kengoku , nani nincedise [to help us]”.

And Moshe’s fans and followers were thoroughly amused at his ramblings.

“Day made! There is never a dull moment with you”

“You did the Lord’s work and tried”

This will definitely smooth things for us”

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