Moscow horrified by Russian POWs torture video

Those involved in the torture of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine must bear full responsibility for their crimes, Kremlin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, RIA Novosti reports.

The film of torture of detained Russian soldiers was shown to the Kremlin. He stated that all of those things will be confirmed and probed.

“This is being investigated by the Investigative Committee. This is horrifying film; they require a legal evaluation, and all who participated in it must face criminal charges “Peskov stated.

The incredibly horrible video, purportedly depicting Ukrainian military forces abusing Russian POWs, has surfaced on the Internet.

Alexander Bastrykin, the chairman of the Russian Federation’s Investigative Committee, directed that the video materials be analyzed.

The video shows POW’s from the Donbas, lying prostrate on the ground [in a parking lot]. They are all shot in the leg(s), some have had their femur shattered by the gunshot and the leg is obviously broken. Others are quite clearly the victim of severe physical beatings. Some have soiled themselves, all are covered in blood — some have very bright blood, indicating arterial bleeding; they look in shock and pain. The camera then shows more POW’s arriving and they are immediately shot in the leg by these inhumane criminals. The first POW’s that is “Interviewed” in the video is asked “who is your Officer”?. The poor fellow can only mumble in response as he has been so badly beaten up, swollen lips, teeth missing, probably broken jaw. The second guy is asked where he is from and he replies “Armenia.”

We can not post the video for ethical reasons.

Ukraine will conduct ‘most serious investigation’ into the video footage allegedly showing Ukrainian military torturing Russian prisoners of war, Aleksei Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said.

“What is happening there [on the video] has signs of a war crime, which has neither a statute of limitations nor an amnesty either in Ukrainian or international law. There should be no illusions about this. Torture of prisoners is against the law of military honor and is a war crime. <…> There will be the most serious investigation held,” the official said.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin also instructed to conduct investigation into the footage:

“Reportedly, the illegal actions took place at a base of Ukrainian nationalists in the Kharkiv region,” he said.

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