Video Shows Russian Warplane Exploding after being Shot Down by Ukrainian Troops over Donetsk

Video Shows Russian Warplane Exploding after being Shot Down by Ukrainian Troops over Donetsk

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

A shocking video shows a downed Russian Su-25 Grach jet exploding in a massive fireball over the Donetsk region in Ukraine.


The aircraft was reportedly targeted by Ukraine’s airborne assault troops using a man-portable air defence weapon (MANPAD).

Although the clip does not capture the moment when the missile hits the plane, it shows the white smoke of the damaged aircraft trailing through the air towards the crash site, while another warplane flies past.

The wreckage erupts into a huge fireball moments later. The Russian pilot, according to multiple pro-Russian Telegram channels, ejected before the aircraft crashed.

The pilot was then taken to safety by Russian forces, who still occupy much of the land around Marinka, despite bloody battles raging mere miles away in and around the towns of Bakhmut and Vuhledar.

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The commentators refused to admit that the Russian plane was hit by a Ukrainian anti-air weapon, stating only that the “causes of the crash are being investigated.”

They also claimed that “lately, the Ukrainians have had nothing to do with the downing of our planes.” However, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, in an interview with the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail, stated that he is planning to visit Canada to seek supplies of ammunition and armoured vehicles to launch a counteroffensive against invading Russian forces.


Shmyhal revealed that he is not worried about the lack of new military aid allocated for Ukraine in Canada’s federal budget, hoping that the country will provide more aid, among other forms of assistance.

He said that Ukraine needs heavy armoured vehicles and more artillery shells, especially for howitzers and tanks. This is crucial for the organisation of a counteroffensive.

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Ukraine is expected to launch a counter-offensive in the coming weeks or months to regain control of the south and east of the country from Russian forces.

Shmyhal will visit Canada in the coming weeks, but the Kyiv government has not divulged the date of the trip due to security concerns.

In addition, the Ukrainian premier is requesting that Canada offer war risk insurance to Canadian companies investing in Ukraine to support reconstruction and foreign investment.

According to Shmyhal, Ukraine faces an unprecedented budget deficit this year due to ballooning military spending to fend off Russia’s invasion, and it heavily relies on foreign financial aid.

The Video



This article discusses the downing of a Russian warplane by Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk region. The video shows the moment the aircraft explodes in a massive fireball, with the pilot managing to eject before the crash.

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Despite Russian commentators’ claims that the cause of the crash is under investigation and that the Ukrainians are not involved, Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal is seeking supplies of ammunition and armoured vehicles to launch a counteroffensive against the invading Russian forces.

This visit is to take place in the coming weeks, with the premier hoping that Canada will provide more aid, including war risk insurance for Canadian companies investing in Ukraine.

The article highlights Ukraine’s need for heavy armoured vehicles and artillery shells and the country’s unprecedented budget deficit due to military spending against Russia’s invasion.


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