Model discusses the negatives of being attractive: “Handled differently”

Model discusses the negatives of being attractive: “Handled differently”

A lady who claims she is “weary of being lovely” has revealed the detrimental effects her physical attractiveness has had on her life.

Emily Adonna, a model and business owner, claims she has been informed throughout her childhood that she is “pretty” and that her “excellent looks” have helped propel her modeling career.

While she acknowledges that being conventionally gorgeous has benefitted her in certain respects, the influencer believes that being “extremely pretty” is not all that it’s built up to be.

Emily claims that she is frequently harassed and even touched in public due to her appearance, and that she has missed out on job advancement because she is “too attractive.”

“Pretty privilege is a thing, and I won’t deny it,” she remarked in a TikTok film.

“However, it has disadvantages. I’ve never held a position where I wasn’t harassed.

“I have seldom encountered social situations in which I was not harassed. People seldom accept ‘no’ as a response from me because they believe I am susceptible to possession.

“No one asks before touching me in public; I am frequently grabbed.

“I was once overlooked for a business opportunity because I was seen too young and attractive.

They believed that it would be distracting to others in the profession.

Emily, a California resident, has observed a significant difference in how others greet her when she is dressed up and wearing cosmetics and when she is casually attired.

Adonna claims that she is treated differently based on her attire.
TikTok: emilyadonnaa

She added that because to her appearance, many individuals believe they are entitled to her time, and she frequently experiences sexualization.

“I am viewed differently, as if it were night and day, when I walk out in public wearing a mask and tattered, old, large clothing,” she stated.

“When I appear shabby, people don’t want to touch me because they don’t feel entitled to me.

“It’s the notion that I have a sense of entitlement to that place because I’m present and attractive, or that I’m immediately linked with anything sexual.”

She described instances in her life in which she has encountered harassment and believes she is not taken seriously because of her appearance.

She stated, “People say you’re a model, so you should be used to the attention.”

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“When I’ve revealed terrible incidents that have occurred to me, the typical response is, ‘Well, you’re a gorgeous lady, you’re so pretty, you have to be careful, what were you wearing?’ Were you overly pleasant? Because you are so beautiful.

“This is the portion I dislike. I should be able to go outside without fear.”

Emily stated in a subsequent video that she was “weary of being attractive” and was actively working to make herself less appealing.

“I am the recipient of considerable privilege. “I got it,” she stated.

“But I’m sick and tired of being beautiful.

“I got facial piercings and hand tattoos that are culturally intended to diminish appearance.

“It is not always a privilege to be attractive.”

Emily’s fans were split and wrote a plethora of comments representing opposing viewpoints.

“Girls who do not meet conventional beauty standards are also harassed in the majority of social and professional settings,” claimed one.

A user added, “Let’s not act like it’s an issue, folks; be appreciative and move on.”

“I hear you so clearly it’s not enjoyable, being beautiful is a liability,” said one user.

“Thank you for discussing this; do not allow anyone to quiet you,” remarked another.


»Model discusses the negatives of being attractive: “Handled differently”«

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